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After Winter Carnival 1958    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos provided by Nancy Nelson

Charlie at Pasty Central on Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 09:36 pm:

Recently when Chuck Voelker started his "Copper Country Reflections" website, we began to receive more requests for old photos on the Pasty Cam. They don't necessarily have to be all the way back to mining days, as this fascinating shot demonstrates. Notice the old car to the left of the castle? It must have been pretty new in 1958. That was quite an engineering feat with the ice. Thanks to Nancy Nelson for sharing these shots.

Wonder if any Pasty Cam readers attended Winter Carnival back in the 50's ?

Sigma Rho winning entry

Doug S. Wixom,MI on Tuesday, March 6, 2001 - 09:51 pm:

How long have the Winter Carnival's been going on at Michigan Tech anyhow? Love to see all the creativity!

By Marci, Massachusetts on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 12:25 am:

What warm memories these photos bring. I remember that I was always disappointed in MY snow sculpture photos back then. None of them could capture the details and the impressive size of seeing them in person. Thanks for the memories, Nancy!

By mike, tx on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 02:24 am:

1958 ! Thats great. I like the Old...Its magical and the cars were too.

By yoopertransplant on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 09:49 am:

Back when Gilt Edge was the beverage of choice?!

By EMH on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 10:08 am:

I was a candidate for winter carnival queen in 1952, yikes!!! I didn't receive the top honor but it was so much fun to be part of the festivities. Sure brings back a lot of memories.

By Bill Penprase on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 - 05:56 pm:

Doug asked how long the winter carnivals have been going on at Tech. I can't answer that but I know there were carnivals in the 1930s. Calumet and Laurium once had winter carnival celebrations. They had a parade and huge horses pulled snow statues that were mounted on the big freight sleighs. The teams and sleighs were mostly owned by Calumet and Hecla and it was an exciting time. One night I watched as they hooked up a team to a sleigh that carried a beautiful ice statue of a polar bear. Apparently the polar bear spooked the horses and they bolted. The handler got them back in control and then put blinders on the horses and backed them to the sleigh so they couldn't see the statue and everything was the okay. I especially enjoyed the railroad flares.

By finngal on Thursday, March 8, 2001 - 11:29 am:

Noticed too on a recent trip to the CC that the statues were still standing. Most years they are destroyed right away, which is a shame with all the work that is put into them. I wasn't there for Carnival weekend, so it was a treat to still be able to see them.

By Nancy Nelson, WI on Thursday, March 8, 2001 - 03:04 pm:

I have to give credit where it is due. I am the one who has kept these pictures, but they were taken by R. Keith Cadman, a 1961 Tech graduate. Does anyone recognize the fraternity house?

By Tom Seavoy, Washington on Tuesday, March 13, 2001 - 01:52 pm:

I remember that winter carnival vividly. I graduated from Tech in '59, but I was a "localmaki" (a commuter), so didn't get all the frat scene experience.
I think the theme was "Walt Disney, hero to the children" or something like that.

By Nancy Nelson, WI on Tuesday, March 13, 2001 - 06:59 pm:

Thank you,Tom. Still looking for the name of the fraternity house, since many from the 50's have disappeared or relocated.

By Jim Nyquist Mi. on Thursday, April 4, 2002 - 10:34 am:

To Nancy Nelson Wi.
Your note of Thur. March 8 2001 concerning the
fraternity house. I believe it was the old K.D.
house on College Ave. Jim N. CLASS OF 55

By jim mi. on Monday, April 8, 2002 - 04:03 pm:

Nancy Nelson Wi. The fraternity in the picture is the old Kappa Delta Psi house

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