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Grand Sable Dunes    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Tom Campbell

Mary Drew at Pasty Central on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 05:36 am:

The Grand Sable Dunes are located between Munising and Grand Marais, in Alger county. When I spotted this shot in Tom Campbell's gallery, my first thought was a desert out west. Of course the green grass and trees clued me in that it wasn't. Just goes to show you the diverse scenery that the U.P. can provide. Look off in the distance, you can see Lake Superior peeking up, over the edge, quite a hike to get out to her from this spot!

Toivo's letting me use his mapping software, but I still need a few lessons on getting it from there to here. Hopefully he'll be done with his winter wood soon, then he can give me some pointers. In the meantime, the location of the Dunes can be found here.

By WhiskeyCreek on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 06:59 am:

Reminded me of the country East of the Black Hills of Sout Dakota near Wall SD.

By gk cle on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 08:04 am:

Reminds me of my golf game

By L2 on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 09:11 am:


By Kent from Marq via Boston on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 09:33 am:

That's a great map site!

It sure is fun to park at Au Sable Lake and walk the entire length of the 'desert' to the dunes.

By Red Brady, these parts on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 11:42 am:

caint help but imagine what gangs rode across these plains in days of yesteryear. the Lefty Chance gang perhaps?

By Cindy, St. Clair Shores, Michigan on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 11:57 am:

What a great picture! In addition to the Keweenaw, of course, the Grand Marais area is one of my favorites. Michigan is certainly a beautiful state. I love the view in this photo.

By Mike R, New Berlin WI on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 12:05 pm:

Red, I heard the gang leader was Wild Bill Codylainen. Sorry. Couldn't help my self.

By Roudy Mi on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 12:11 pm:

Bet they carried Smithala and wessonen side arms.

By Karen Wisconsin on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 12:54 pm:

You have me laughing out loud, Mike and Roudy, everyone is going to know, I'm not really working!

By Urho on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 01:51 pm:

The gang probably rode in an old rusty Chevy Impala (pronounced: "Im-paw-law") eh...

By Joe Finn, Rhinelander, Wi on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 02:22 pm:

Reminds me of the Sonora desert in Mexico. The U.P. is amazing. Too bad with the bridge it is so easy to get there. With the car ferries you had to be on a mission to get there.

By Missin the UP from NJ on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 02:33 pm:

And yet another reason I love this site! There's such a funny bunch of Poika's and Flicka's out there! (Wish I really knew Finn, 'course then I'd be dangerous!!)
Speaking of which, anyone have some advice on a good tape (or CD) set that teaches Finn?? I need something simple. Thanks.

By Troll, MI on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 02:52 pm:

Missin The UP from NJ:
Go to, your portal for Finnish language or, go to a search engine like yahoo, type in finnish language and you'll get other sources.

Good Luck.

By Troll, MI on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 03:50 pm:

Thought those of you who want to learn and/or talk to other Finns, see info below from the Finnish Forum:

Gwendoline Stephenson ( an Australian who lives in England )has started The Finnish Language Forum at : . The main language of the forum is English. We also discuss Finnish culture and even other languages besides Finnish. Most people on this forum are interested in languages in general.
The best on-line Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary is here : .
Want to talk to Americans and Englishmen who live in Finland ?
IESAF ( The International English Speakers Association of Finland has a discussion group here :
Most members of the group are native speakers of English who live in Finland but anyone can join the group.
Cheers Pertti Suorsa

By Pat Mi. on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 03:52 pm:

What NJ needs is a Yooper Finish Dictionary. Some one should print one.

By Mary, Hurst, Texas on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 04:33 pm:

Ah, what a fond memory of hiking across these dunes from Grand Sable Lake to Lake Superior. "It's just over the next dune" was what I heard repeatedly from my friends. I think we walked the widest part--five miles!
Thanks for reminding me how cool this place is.

By Missin the UP from NJ on Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 07:07 pm:

Thank you soooo much Troll, MI! I have plenty to check out, now! Love to see that Finn is so alive in all those www. places. Wish my Mom had a computer

By Troll, MI on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 09:27 am:

Missin the UP from NJ:
You are very welcome. Also, if you are in our area in the Lower Penninsula, check out Finn Camp:

Anyone Finnish is welcome to check out and come visit us in Wixom Michigan near Detroit for a sauna and a swim. We are a summer camp organization that has been in the area since 1925. We have a library with lots of info and names of Finns from way back. We also rent little cabins along the lake by a pine Forest and we also have a private lake complete with diving tower. We are always looking for members.

By Bernie Gestel, Minnesota on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 08:10 pm:

Brings back fond memories of the 1970's when I lived with in sight of the dunes. Many a day I spent tramping across them amd enjoying there beauty while working as a park ranger at Pictured Rocks N. L.

By jim, michigan on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 08:31 pm:

I have to agree with you 'Mary, Hurst, Texas'. I would tell myself that same thing every time I'd walk those sands "It's gotta be over that next hill"... never was though.

By Pertti Suorsa, Sweden on Saturday, February 21, 2004 - 06:45 am:

The International English Speakers Association of Finland ( IESAF ) has a new forum. The new forum is at:

Click on the IESAF logo and you will see all the discussion folders!

Most posters on the forum are native speakers of English who live in Finland. The forum has more than 1940 registered members.

The "Kielikoulu"(Language School)folder is for language discussions.

There are no fees of any kind.

Pictures from Scandinavia and Finland at:

View of the Day - Niklas Sj÷blom┤s Digital Camera Pictures at :

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