Jun 26-03

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In the park near Munising Falls    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo from Dan
Buzzing a Freighter    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Rick Anderson

Charlie at Pasty Central on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 07:26 am:

A couple of interesting glimpses of life in the U.P... The first I found stuck in our "visitors" mailbox from last week:

Can you believe, someone was going to throw away a perfectly good... :)

Actually this was a practical joke on Dad, by my two sons. Daniel and Jimmy. Ages 16 and 6. While visiting Munising Falls recently. Jimmy got the smelly end of this joke for sure. Brothers! :)) Know what they say: One man's ....is another man's treasure.

Today's second photo is another Skypixs beauty, which we've been highlighting all week. Rick Anderson buzzes the channel for a closer look at a big boat in the neighborhood.
taka @ japan on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 08:07 am:

why is he in my house?

By Sue, SR Webmaster on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 09:15 am:

To everyone in the area, the South Range Centennial Celebration starts tomorrow and runs until July 5. Be sure and look at the website to find out when all the events are:


Don't miss the historical photo display at South Range Elementary, and preview just a few of the hundreds of photos and memorabilia submitted. There are many events planned, including new tours of Champion Mine in Painesdale. There's a Queen Pageant, arts and crafts show, car show, fashion show, parade, fireworks, dances, slow pitch, veterans' observances, and more. You only have a Centennial once!

By Mary Lou on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 09:44 am:

Taka........Hello..where are your pictures????....you gave us some priceless photos of our area..........we miss you!!......Thanks!!

By FJL..Milw. on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 09:49 am:

Is that ship on the canal, and approx. where?

By JoAnne Stefanac, Port Orchard, WA on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 10:17 am:

Hope you'll indulge me with a bit of a "backtrack" here. Remember that pic on Tuesday? The one with the old shipwreck off near the mouth of Eagle River? Well, I received some info in my "Inbox" yesterday that pretty interesting. Went back and posted it under that day's comments but not sure how many of you backdate and would end up missing it so here it is again. (Sorry if it's a repeat for some).

You don't know me, but a friend sent me a link to
the conversations at Pasty.com about a ships hull East
of Eagle River. The wreck you folks are talking about
is the "Peninsula", a 154 foot steam propeller vessel
built in 1849. She wrecked on November 15, 1854 after
breaking her propeller shaft and drifting ashore. No
lives were lost. Some seasons it is completely
buried, some times it's exposed. Much of her unique
engine is buried within the hull. There are several
individuals who are very familiar with the ship. I am
President of the Marquette Underwater Preserve, and VP
of the Marquette Maritime Museum, so I've known of
this vessel for years, although I've never actually
dove it. It lies within the Keweenaw Underwater
Preserve, and is protected from vandelism.
I hope this helps you guys; please feel free to pass
the word to your group. I couldn't get logged in, so
I cut and pasted your address.
Kurt Fosburg, Marquette, Michigan"

By Dave, Dearborn, MI. on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 10:28 am:

Do they dredge the channel or is it natural?

By John, MI on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 12:00 pm:

Dave, Here's the story of the canal.


By anon on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 01:40 pm:

Little guy reminds me of Oscar the Grouch!

By pcm on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 02:09 pm:

Checkd out John's above link on reflections.
Got lost for a couple hours. Cool stuff.

By . on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 04:53 pm:


By . on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 07:51 pm:


By Alex Tiensivu, Still Laughing in Georgia on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 07:52 pm:

That kid in the garbage can is absolutely hysterical! My whole family got a BIG kick out of that! Good idea for a Candid Camera stunt!

By Janie, Iowa on Friday, June 27, 2003 - 05:21 am:

Wasn't there a kids cartoon series called "The Garbage Pail Kids"? He is adorable! Love that picture!

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