Mar 27-03

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2003: March: Mar 27-03
UPPCo Building    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Donn de Yampert
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Photos by Donn de Yampert

Toivo from Toivola, in Tillamook, Oregon on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 04:28 am:

Donn de Yampert has been a busy guy. He caught the sunrise yesterday in Escanaba, and looks like he made it back to Houghton before sunset. (I see the snow has really retreated). The UPPCO building is a meeting place for many in the Copper Country, including the Keweenaw Industrial Council and the Copper Country United Way. Just for good measure Donn sent along a shot of the Library, over on the next block.

I been a little busy myself. Got the old beater fixed in Hoquiam, met some of Tina's relatives, said good-bye (for a while) and jumped on US-101 south. Since I can dial into now just about anywhere, and bein a night owl, Charlie asked if I would check the Pasty Cam photo in-box, to see if we snagged some keepers. There's a bit of busy work to get the next day's picture(s) ready, so I can lighten Charlie's load, and make a few shekels on the side. Keeps me in touch with home as I roam. We'll see how it works.

It's an awesome drive along the Pacific Ocean. Kind of a super-sized version of M-26 up the north-west coast of the Keweenaw.

Good night from Oregon - - and good morning from da U.P.

By Proud Yooper - MI on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 07:15 am:

Toivo, glad to see the early morning posting. I knew you would enjoy the coastline drive as we have.
Donn, I like black & white photography. Neat angle of the Library sign & building.

By Mr. Wheatman, South end on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 07:57 am:

Kudos on the trek down Hwy 101. A stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for their famous cheese curds is a must indeed. I have partook in that drive on said highway numerous times and an impeccable vista it is. Enjoy your coastline excursion as we bolster against the concluding winter blast, a call of 5" - 10" of the white stuff is called for indeed.


By froggy on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 08:27 am:

Toivo, how many miles on the old beater?

By leigh, texas on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 09:44 am:

Does anyone have an e-mail address for the Library bar?

By Jim, Twin Cities on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:11 am:

Toivo, even though I don't remember you mentioning going all the way down to San Francisco, since you seem to be a very flexible person, if you do get to the City by the Bay and you like Chinese food, I have a recommendation for you. My absolute favorite Chinese restaurant is a very interesting little Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown called "Sam Wo". It is on the left side of Washington St. going up the hill from Grant Ave. which is the main srteet in Chinatown. You enter through the kitchen on the first floor and go up to the second or third floor dining rooms. The food is great and very inexpensive. It's the kind of place that you wouldn't find without local help so it's not filled with tourists. Sorry, I don't think that they have pasties, but oh well, when in Rome.... or Chinatown.... Enjoy!

By milo in pdx on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:17 am:

Hey Toivo-

If you haven't gone too far already make sure that you stop in Cannon Beach on your way down the coast. Nice little town with a great beach.
Have a safe trip.

By Mr. Wheatman, South end on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:27 am:

Indeed Milo, Haystack Rock is worthy of sojourn from the "beaten bath" if you will.

By Rice Lake Alison on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:07 am:

Tiovo, Enjoy the coast for me! Raised out of Waldport, Seal Rock and Devil's Churn (south of Yachats-pronounced "Ya Hots")are local favorites. Yachats is also home to the Crab Bowl,they have a pretty darn good Crab Louis (cold crab salad, Oregon's favorite way to enjoy that lucious Dungeness!) Blow a kiss out over the pacific for me!

By Alice, Ventura, CA on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:08 am:

Yes, Toivo, what is your itinerary down the 101? You might even consider cutting over to Hwy 1 after San Francisco. There the views are even more spectacular! If you get all the way down to Ventura, stop by at the college and say hi to the "Tool Lady" (me), where I sell hobby tools at the swapmeet on Sat & Sun.

By yooper in oregon on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:25 am:

If Oregon wasn't so beautiful....I'd have to move back to Michigan........Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach....especially now, before the tourist season.........enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

By Mary on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:31 am:

leigh, texas:
Here's a link to the Library Bar website. Scroll down a bit and click on the "Contact" link. It doesn't give their email, but you can contact them through the website.

Hope this helps!

By Mary on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:40 am:

leigh, texas:
Hmm, on second look, that's just a webpage for, which lists the Library on their site. Sorry about that!

By P.K., Nashville, TN on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 11:49 am:

Enjoyed the pic of the UPCO building. My first job out of high school was at U.P. Power in Calumet. They were a fun bunch to work with.

Toivo, the west coast is beautiful as you can see. I spent a year out in Sunnyvale working for the Navy when my husband was on a remote site for a year in Alaska. Sunnyvale is just south of San Francisco. A beautiful town just across the Golden Gate going north is Saulsalito. It is built on the side of a hill on a bay with a harbour and lots of sailing boats dock there. Lots of beautiful country out there. Enjoy.

By Yooper in Indiana on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 01:44 pm:

If I had to live in a "city" it would most certinally be San Francisco. The mass transit system is the best of any of the cities I have been to, dining is fantastic as well. I spent a fair amount of time there as my wife worked out there for 3 years since 1995 and have a son that resides in Hollister.

By Jim, Twin Cities on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 02:58 pm:

Yooper in Indiana, I agree wholeheartedly. San Francisco is a wonderful city in which to live. I worked there many years ago for P & O - Orient Lines, the world's largest steamship company. We had staff passes to get aboard the liners when they were in port. It was great to take a date to the ship's lounge, sip a drink, and look out at the bay, hills, bridges, etc. especially at night with all the lights.

Toivo, even if you didn't plan to go down to San Francisco and beyond, it looks like you will have to now with all the information and recommendations that you're getting. You'll love it. And after you've scoped it all out, you can go back and get Tina and show her around.

I know what you mean about the similarity of the NW coast of the Keweenaw and the Pacific coast. We once camped on the front row at McLain State Park when it was blowing so hard that the waves were as big as on the Pacific. It seemed just like when we had been on the West Coast. Superior looked just as big and majestic.

By Al, Ca.&Or. on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 03:11 pm:

I agree with Yooper in Or., We've got a place at Saunders Lake smack-dab in the center of Or. Dunes. It's so-o-o like the U.P. along the coast and a temperate climate. And it's only 8 miles to "town"!!!!!

By Candy, CA on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 03:20 pm:

Leigh in Texas, here's the Library's address.

Library Restaurant & Brew Pub
62 N. Isle Royale Street
Houghton, MI 49931

I don't think they have website or email. The bar is owned by Jim Cortwright.

By Lorelei, Michigan on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 03:43 pm:

Toivo, be sure to hit the Mongolian BBQ in Coos Bay. Nice local people to visit with and some good views of the sea lions just off of the coast.

By Bob, Portland on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 04:07 pm:


Whales are heading north for the summer. Should be able to spot one during your trip down 101.

By Beek Jerky Lover on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 05:31 pm:

If you like beef jerky than Tillamook, Oregon is the place to be. Pick me up a couple hundred of the beef steak nuggets-sweet and zesty!! Tillamook Jerky is one of the best!

By Beef Jerky Lover on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 05:33 pm:


If you like beef jerky than Tillamook, Oregon is the place to be. While you're there pick me up about 30 bags of Tillamooks Beef Steak Nuggets-Sweet and Zesty!

By Steve the Troll on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 05:47 pm:

Jon Davis bought Christies Board and Trade in 1967 and renamed it the Library Bar. Many of us Toots worked on it. Many of us had our own mug hanging from the ceiling. Mine was #9 (Skyflake)
The bar grew and changed annually, but it was always a great place. I had dinner there last July and found it still a great place, but just a tad changed from the late 60's.

By Nita, Northwestern CA on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 05:53 pm:

Hey Toivo,
IF you are heading south to the Metropolis don't forget to stop and visit the Redwood National Park, south of Crescent City, CA and the California State Redwood Parks near Weott, south of Eureka.
And don't forget the beautiful little fishing village of Trinidad,CA just south of Patrick Point State Park. Absolutely gorgeous seascapes.

You can ignore the liberal left capitol of Arcata,California if you wish, although they have a great university (Humboldt State University) and a nice Plaza in town.(Lots of characters)

And don't forget the wine country starting near Ukiah and head south and east.

It takes a fair amount of time to travel the coast so don't be in a hurry.

Northwestern California

By Sandy, UP on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 07:07 pm:


If you get as far South as Monterey, and you like
seafood, you should try a little place on the Monterey Wharf called Aboleneti's Fish Market. The food is all fresh and tastes fantastic. The sea otters are very entertaining.

By Former Librarian on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 07:38 pm:

Steve the troll. Saying that the Library has "changed just a tad" is like saying Houghton gets a "little snow".

By gwg on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 09:59 pm:

a fire usually changes things a bit...

By Proud Yooper - MI on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:40 pm:

Toivo, Sounds like your Itinery is planned for you. Let us know the next State and we will let you know the favorite hot spots to see. (Chuckle!)

By Judy Brown-Kurnik, Chesaning MI on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:50 pm:

Great photos, Donn! Since food is a big topic today, let me say that I ordered pasties this week for the first time. They arrived today and one immediately went into the oven! If anyone has not ordered these pasties...please do! They are fantastic!!!

By KSARKKI, SF, CA on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 12:39 am:

Toivo and all those who have San Francisco
on their travel plans. I do not want to sound too
alarming but the past week has been made
most difficult due to the war demonstrations.
Any visit to downtown SF may be met with
inconvenience and spectacle. The good news
is Chinatown is comparatively absent of these
problems but it borders the financial district so
the spillover does impact the traffic. The early
post about the restaurant Sam Wo is right on,
however, this local attraction does not cater to
those in search of embellishment and is a
throw-back to an earlier era. One can imagine
spirits being concocted in the basement
during the prohibition. If you do get to Sam
Wo's, do try one of the rice porridge bowls
know locally as "jook".
San Francisco is a great place to visit but all
you Yoopers must know that this 20+ year San
Franciscan vacations in the UP whenever our
family gets the chance. It is the perfect
antidote to the grit and grim of big city life.


By bob-b hubbell on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 12:12 pm:

the board of trade was a calumet bar if i'm not mistaken.

By UP Nipper on Saturday, March 29, 2003 - 08:12 pm:

There was a Board of Trade Bar On Hecla St. in Laurium Years ago.

By Yooper in Indiana on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 - 01:04 pm:

board of trade was next to the village hall in Laurium,,,along with many others in the 300 Block of Hecla Street,,,,finks,,millers,,obriens,,,casino, orths, bon ton, senate,,,american legion in basemnet,,if my memory is correct!

By Admin. on Thursday, April 3, 2003 - 08:51 am:

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