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By upmama, MI on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 07:04 am:

Good Saturday morning to all!
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By Ron, Michigan on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 07:04 am:

Good Saturday morning!!

By joanne,mi on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 09:22 am:

good morning to you all.
thought the weather was to cool down but not true here in harrison.

By Yooper on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 10:12 am:


By erica Florida Keys on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 10:17 am:

weather underground shows pretty nice temps.for the UP---today. We could use a cool-down here-Say to around 80.

By NKR Mishawaka IN on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 11:00 am:

Good morning from Mishawaka IN. Yooper, could you aim the fan down here? Its 86 already. Suppose to be in the 90's today. Stay cool everyone.

By Mary Drew at Pasty Central on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 12:02 pm:

Everyone is talking about the heat and wanting to be a bit cooler...well, now you've done it! Sure looks like snow in my neighborhood here in Lake Linden!

snow in June?!!  ;-)

Ok, so it's not snow, it's actually the Female Cottonwood tree in my neighbor Paul's back yard, making like fluffy white snow! Maybe looking at it will trick your brain into feeling cooler! :->
By gmw on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 12:23 pm:

Today is the perfect day. 74 degrees in Houghton. A breeze, good for hanging clothes out on the line. The heat is not for me.
Have a great day everyone!!!

By Yooper on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 12:26 pm:


By sur5er on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 12:38 pm:

Yooper, I love the graphics...I can almost feel the breeze from the fan and the chill from the snowman :)
Miss Mary, you are too funny. Now if it really had been snow, John Dee would have been in the middle of that pic with his snowmobile, eh. ;)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is able to stay cool. Headed home to Michigan :-) YIPEE!

By CopperMom on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 12:58 pm:

Yooper, I'll chip in for the electricity bill if you keep that fan
on HIGH all day :)

By John, Bruce Crossing on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 01:48 pm:

Oh, Mary, who are you trying to kid? That isn't snow from a cotton tree in your neighbor's back yard. We think you just vented your clothes dryer in that direction!

By Margaret, Amarillo TX on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 02:07 pm:

Mary, mary, mary: We get that stuff in April down here and everybody is sneezing for a week until it blows away. Then in the fall, if you're not watching which Farm to Market Road you're going down you get blasted with misspent cotton bolls. Such is life. Happy snowfall.

By Martha, MI on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 03:15 pm:

I want to thank everyone that offered suggestions yesterday on how I might get to the Soo Locks website. I tried all af them, and I still get the same message, Cannot Find Server. I even had my daughter try on her computer, and she gets the same message that I do. She also tried all of your suggestions and was unable to get through. So thanks again, and I guess I am just going to have to set aside a weekend and go up there in person to satisfy my big boat fixation. Thanks Guys!!

By gmw on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 04:33 pm:

MARTHA-MI, try typing in Sault Ste Marie Remote Cameras. I have this in my favorites and it comes up every time. When it comes to the second screen (the security screen) I hit yes and it brings you to the 4 cameras they have set up. You get views from East & West.

By Fran,Ga on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 07:02 pm:

It is so hot,humid with high ozone levels that I am staying in as much as I can. Yesterday I started feeling sick as I was doing errands.The the car doesn'thave a chance to cool off before you have to stop again.

By the way, Alex had his surgery on his other hand yesterday morning.He called last night and said it went even better than the first one. He is so glad to have it over with. I know he will be looking at Pasty but won't be able to type much for 5 days or so.

I have one of John Dee's winter scenes that I keep on my screen. I look at it and try to imagine that I am in the little cabin in the snowy woods!!!

By Kevin K, Lodi, Ca. on Sunday, June 26, 2005 - 06:19 am:

Marthe, MI. For the soo locks cams try this. Go to the Mich. Tech cam page. @ the bottom of the page it will say "Local Community" at the bottom of this column will be "Upper Peninsula Links". Click on this. A web page will pop up with a weather forcast and map, just to the right of the weather map and down about the middle of the map it will say "cams" at the bottom of the cams column it say's "Soo Locks". click here and it should take you to the cams. A security screen may pop up, just click "Yes" and you'll be at the cams. Good Luck!

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