May 26-11

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Photos by Bob Gilreath
Looking back toward Hubbell    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Bob Gilreath
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Photos by Bob Gilreath
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Photos by Bob Gilreath

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:35 am:

Bob Gilreath and his son Paul were out on Torch Lake fishing for Northern Pike last Friday and as you can see, they were successful in bringing in a few. The one Bob is holding is 37 inches long and weighed in at 14 pounds, that's quite a fish, but he told me his son Paul (shown in the third photo) caught one that was 40 inches and 20 pounds, so I guess that makes him the winner of the fishing contest between Father and Son. By the looks of the photos here today, even if you'd have come home with no fish, it still would have been worth the trip. Bob's second photo is just as you enter the "cuts" on Torch Lake, looking back toward Hubbell and the fourth photo is of the shoreline, along the "cuts," where they fished for their prized catches. Bob added, that besides the fish, the other thing they caught was a dandy sunburn, even after slathering on the sunscreen. Must be something about the sun this time of year, because my son ended up with a dandy burn on his neck, after being outside all day, too.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:43 am:

What a fish!! And that last picture is so very serene!! Thank you!!

By Donna (Donna) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:44 am:

Nice fish!

Isn't there supposed to be Eagle's nests in the cuts somewhere?

By E. Neil Harri (Ilmayksi) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:54 am:

Nice looking Northern. I ate a few from Lake Superior, last March just before season closed.
There is an active eagle nest on the Grosse Pointe side of cuts. It is just at the opening of Torch lake. It had an eagle sitting eggs when I flew it for survey in early April.

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:56 am:

Looks like father and son are both winners being able to spend some quality time together like this. And yes, that is very impressive Pike.

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 08:22 am:

any of those morels left for a fish dinner?

By Jim (Keweenawpress) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 08:47 am:

What kind of lure/bait were you using Bob?

By Donna (Donna) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 08:49 am:

What's it cost to fill your gas tank on that plane Neil?

By Eddyfitz (Eddyfitz) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 09:25 am:

We spent many days out in the "cuts" going after the elusive northern Pike. When it rained we would get over to one of the 14 small lighthouses that lined the canal between the Portage and Torch lakes. Most of these fish were in the 27 to 40" range.

By Mary Strohl (Mstrohl) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 10:08 am:

Be careful about eating morels. Ten people died in Michigan
recently from eating mushrooms that looked like morels!

By Bob Gilreath (Bobg) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 10:08 am:

Best catch of the week was an entire week fishing with My son!

Here is a pic of his catch.

Paul's catch

Bob Gilreath (Bobg) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 10:28 am:

Neil, we watched the eagles all week, including a low level "bombing" run on an unsupecting Goose family, looked just like a cruise missle coming in at low altitude! Amazing

By Bob Gilreath (Bobg) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 11:20 am:

Jim, Mine was caught on a 1 oz red and white dare devil, Pauls came trolling on a large jointed rapala.

By E. Neil Harri (Ilmayksi) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 11:25 am:

Yes, have an experienced person look at your morels before you consume them.They have some good pictures on the morel sites to help.

By john strauss (Darth_devious) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 11:59 am:

I caught one of those, right by the lift bridge when I was in college. MINE WAS BIGGER! :) My only regret was we ate it, I should have had it mounted. But fishing gear came out of my food budget so...

By Uncle Chuck (Unclechuck) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 12:05 pm:

Great pic's

By Hollidays (Hollybranches) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 04:48 pm:

Nice fish! Father and son fishing; classic.

Went morel hunting yesterday and the only thing we got was black fly bites. Those little vampires know how to get you.

By Capt. Paul (Eclogite) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 05:07 pm:

Isn't that a great place to fish, Bob?? Some of my largest northerns came from the cuts. Also landed a couple nice musky there as well. Another place I always had good luck was Oscar Bay for big toothy things.

What is it about the red/white daredevil that pike love anyway?? For over 30 years those lures have produced fish and some rather large ones at that. And, it has to be a real one; the fake ones just don't work. Actually, many of the old lures seem to work better than the new creations. One that comes to mind is the River Runt. And of course, it's hard to beat a large bucktail spinner either.....

By Eugene Zuverink (Zube) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 06:34 pm:

We were catching pike at least 58 years ago on the red and white daredevil in the Munising area when we lived there, so it was a hot one then also.

By Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 07:47 pm:

I received this photo from Nick Karjala, asking me to post it for him, along with the following note:

Attached is a picture of a northern pike I caught in Dollar Bay during the last week of May in 1984, from the shore in the area where the Foley Wire Mill was once situated. Having to reel it in through old pilings, etc., it took me a half hour to land the 36 inch 15 lb. fish which had bent the hook into an "L" shape.

Regards from southwest Ohio where tornadoes, high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain and huge hail have caused damage but have not diminished our zest for life.

Nick Karjala

Nick's catch

ILMHitCC (Ilmhitcc) on Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 09:08 pm:

Looks like a good practice run - only 3 more weeks to the Longest Day Fishing Tourney in Copper

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