Oct 26-08

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2008: October: Oct 26-08
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Photo by Paul Trautman
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Photo by Sarah Hoffman

Toivo from Toivola (Toivo) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 08:44 am:

When Charlie called me yesterday he sounded like Darth Vader or James Earl Jones. A bad case of Strep Throat has him laid up this weekend, so I get to sub with a couple of my favorite Pasty Cam shots, instead of your regular Shoebox Memory. Hopefully your official webmaster will return next week, and include that long-awaited final installment of the Fort Wilkins Pasty Cameo.

Eino is looking for an early start to the ice fishing season in the first shot above, by Paul Trautman. This picture taken at the mouth of the Pilgrim River first appeared in 2004, and surfaces every now and then, with some alternate explanation, like being the periscope on a Yooper sub. We're hoping that one of these days the real person in the picture will stumble across it here and tell us what he was really doing.

And I can't help but notice the resemblance to another tough Yooper who appeared on these pages a half-dozen years ago, thanks to Sarah Hoffman who snapped the immortal deer-carrying-bike-rider, that has made the rounds all over the Internet. Seeing them side-by-side, I can't help but think it's the same person.

We may never know.

By Snowman (Snowman) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 08:56 am:

What a way to wake UP!!! Thanks for the smiles Toivo!!

By Donna (Donna) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 09:35 am:

Only in Da Yoop, eh?

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 09:38 am:

I like the pictures today, Toivo! Is the first one taken in Ripley? Inquiring minds want to know.

First thing I thought of this morning was the 3rd installment of Fort Wilkins. I can wait another week, though. Get better, Charlie!

By RCW (Rcw) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 11:03 am:

Deb, thats looking across at the Old Wire Mill in $ Bay. I spent 4 or 5 years there catching hot copper rods.

By Shirley Waggoner (Shirlohio) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 11:30 am:

Get well wishes coming your way, Charlie. Love the pictures this morning.....always good to start the day with a smile. Thanks, Toivo!

By eugenia r. thompson (Ert) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 01:18 pm:

Strep throat? YUCK! Hope you got some good meds and feel all better really soon, Charlie! Meanwhile, drink lots of hot stuff.

I remember both these photos -- loved them then and still do. I still think the first guy is birdwatching...

By kay Moore (Mskatie) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 02:32 pm:

Oh my gosh Toivo, good to hear of you again. I just got to thinking how long it's been since I discovered the pasty cam. Seems you went on an extended trip about that time and you filed regular reports on your adventures! When was that really? So what are you up to these days? Still in the UP? And those photos are classics.Funnier each time I see them :>)

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 04:25 pm:

0-9 keeping it a perfect season :O)

By Walter P McNew (Waltermcnew) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 07:17 pm:

nice to see the pictures once again

By Uncle Chuck @ Little Betsy (Unclechuck) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 11:19 pm:

It's actually 0-7

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 11:27 pm:

Thank You- but at this point, to me, it really does not matter.

By Uncle Chuck @ Little Betsy (Unclechuck) on Monday, October 27, 2008 - 09:39 am:

Mic, you're right, they're a disgrace!

By David A Jones (Jonesey65244) on Monday, October 27, 2008 - 11:05 am:

I see a Cormorant or a Loon out in front of the guy in the water.

Although he is not looking at that particular bird, he is maybe looking at others. I magnified as much as I could and not go completely blurry, and I believe he is holding a video camera. It could be binoculars, but I see something on the rear that does not fit with binoculars.

So my verdict: This is one of the MOST SERIOUS bird watchers ever lived.

my nickel,

By allen philley (Allen) on Monday, October 27, 2008 - 12:45 pm:

James Earl Jones is Darth Vaders voice.
Both cam shots are priceless.

By matt oleksy (Oleksy78) on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - 01:39 am:

ah yes, the ancient yooper sport of fish watching. LOL!

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