Oct 07-08

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Autumn and Trinity    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Judy Byykkonen
Valley view    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Judy Byykkonen

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 06:57 am:

How many of you looked at the top photo and said, "Lucky horse"? I know I did. Judy Byykkonen captured Trinity, where she gets to enjoy the colors of the Keweenaw Autumn each and every day, right at home in the pasture. Some of us have to drive miles and even hours to get a view like that. Judy's second shot is taken in Traprock Valley, too, giving us a broader view of the colors that blanket the woods this time of year. Don't you wish these colors could last as long as the "white" ones do? :->

By Smfwlk (Trollperson) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 07:20 am:

Very Lucky Horse!

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 07:47 am:

In a couple of weeks when the colorful U.P.will be starting to fade, my hubby and I will look out into our meadow and see those colores starting to peak, but we will be looking out there at our 10 horses!

By Thomas D. Dessellier (Tomd) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 07:51 am:

Pictures are beautiful as always and it looks like the color is at its peak right now. Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in the Copper Country.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 08:08 am:

Those colors are spectacular. Hold off 3 more days PLEASE!!!!

By Brooke (Lovethekeweenaw) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 08:27 am:

Traprock Valley is so pretty, she's lucky to see that every day.

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 08:59 am:

We were coming back from McLain State Park and we drove by a field where a horse was running around. We stopped to take a look and a baby horse came along. When I saw that, I set up the movie camera on the tonno-cover of the truck and just let it run on mom and baby. It was great. We showed it to my mom when we got back to Lake Linden. She got a kick out of watching the movies. She always said it was like being there. :o)))

By Dunerat (Dunerat) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 09:15 am:

I love the incredible blue and purple hues of the fence posts in the top photo. They reminded me immediately of the photo of the farm that appeared on the What's Up page for October 11, 2007.

Painters love this kind of scene -- every color on the palette is in there somewhere. Thank you, Judy!

By FJL (Langoman) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 09:24 am:

In another week I will be looking across my back yard staring at my two stone ducks. Can't wait.....

By Ryan James Byykkonen (Rbyykkonen) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 02:24 pm:

AHHHH..... Traprock in the Fall. Great pictures mom!

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 05:25 pm:

The colors are not quite changing yet. It depends where ya go. We might take a little ride over the weekend. We might go towards Port Huron, stop at Harsen's Island. A lot of times we just get in the truck and go. Take a cooler with some pop and a couple of sandwiches. It is time to take a ride like that. :O))

By Liz B (Lizidaho) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 06:09 pm:

My sis, one of the many KHS docents, says that 11th and 12th are the last days for the Eagle Harbor lighthouse complex for the season...just in case color tours take you through Eagle Harbor.

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