May 10-22

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Photo by Danielle Putnam
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Photo by Danielle Putnam
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Photo by Danielle Putnam
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Photo by Danielle Putnam
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Photo by Danielle Putnam
Petting Chippie to play video
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Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 11:25 am:

Danielle Putnam has a number of new friends that are keeping her quite busy. Between the squirrels and the chipmunks that visit her back yard, she has to play peacemaker or she says itís a big furball fight. Sheís taken to putting out separate feeding dishes, so thereís space between them and enough so they donít get in each otherís way trying to get their sunflower seed stash. When they arenít fighting for a good lunch spot, though, they do a bit of posing for Danielleís camera.

Her chipmunk visitors also enjoy the corn cobs she puts out for them, as you can see in her photos here, they pack their cheeks to bring some home with take out containers needed. If youíd like to see more of Danielleís critter and other photos, you can find them here: Superior Shores Photography

One of Danielleís little visitors even let her briefly pet him while he was stuffing himself with seeds. Before you know it, sheíll have him eating right out of her hand.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 01:30 pm:

What cute pictures. I used to have a chippy that I could hand feed. They're so cute.

By D. A. (Midwested) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 06:17 pm:

Squirrels are OK but the chipmunks have to go. Around here they are actually ground squirrels which is a slightly different and a bit smaller species. They burrow underground at the concrete and can do severe damage to the house foundation. My pellet gun is locked and loaded.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 06:20 pm:

D.A., we're having that trouble with chippies too. Frustrating.

By Uncle Chuck (Unclechuck) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 10:36 pm:

Cute pictures and video! They drive Finnigan crazy, but he never gives up trying to catch up to them. I can always tell when "Chipmunker" is sitting on the steps right outside the kitchen door wall teasing Finn and so can the neighbors if it's only the screen between them!! lol

By Danielle Adams (Badkid) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 07:34 am:

The chipmunks do eat out of my hand!!

By Danielle Adams (Badkid) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 07:59 am:

We donít have a problem with the chipmunks or the red squirrels causing damage to anything. Iíll have to figure out a way to bring them with me when I moveÖ.theyíd never survive if left behind!! The chipmunks and squirrels will wait for me in the morning to feed them!! The squirrels do not like the pigeons that try to come and steal their food!!


For them to come to me and eat from my hand literally wasnít even 24 hours after they started coming back out of hibernation. Watch far enough as youíll see one of them runs into my phone lol Video was taken April 3rdÖ.yes we had snow piles in the back yard yet!
This was to bring a smile to others.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 08:56 am:

For some reason Danielle, I can't get the video. Darn it.

Oh, and we may have problems with some of the chippiea, but I still think they're so cute. It's so easy to get them to trust you. The only wild life we see around here that I don't like are ticks, mosquitoes, and snakes. I've been terrified of snakes since I was a little girl and I've never been able
to overcome it.

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 10:25 am:

Danielle, loved the video. I have named the squirrels that come by my feeders. Our Aussie and Siamese love watching them come by as well. Well said.

By Donna (Donna) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 10:44 am:

I couldn't get the vid either.

I fed and petted chippies just like that for years. Then one time, one lil bugger turned quick and sank his fangs in my finger. Them's some sharp lil teeth. Felt like two needles going in.

By Danielle Adams (Badkid) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 10:53 am:

Deb, I uploaded that video to my superior shores photo page on fb, the one Mary shared!!

By Danielle Adams (Badkid) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 10:57 am:

Janie, my husband named the 2 red squirrels we had out here all winter. A few of their buddies tag along once in a while wanting in on the goods, for the most part it ís just the same 2 we've been feeding. They're losing their winter fur now, so it ís really cool that their 2 different colors. My husband named them Maxi and Mini.

They do try to climb my bird feeder post to get at the feeders. As soon as I see them I'm like, what are you doing and they're like, crap, got caught!! There ís one 1 sassy chippy who climbs the same post, but he doesn't go after the feeders. Heís watching out if the others come in his territory and chases them lol

By D. A. (Midwested) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 03:09 pm:

Looks like I'm being cancelled. I thought that only happened on Twitter, LOL.

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 04:09 pm:

Uh-oh...I've said worse :-( Save me a seat by the toilet, D.A.!

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 07:33 pm:

I did get to see the video. Very cute, Danielle.

By D. A. (Midwested) on Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 06:28 pm:

My purpose was to point out the great damage that these burrowing rodents can do to the foundations of homes. They can certainly be cute but by feeding them or not discouraging them one can be inadvertently inviting them to take up residence right under your feet. Their death is justified vs. thousands of dollars in damages, especially after I know they have infiltrated the ground.

By Danielle Adams (Badkid) on Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 09:16 pm:

Yes Iím very aware they can cause damage. As for where Iím at they donít harm anything or anyone. They take their foods and go hide in the woods out back.

I also have birds that come in and go back to the woods. These animals only trust me and do not like other humans, as others have found out by trying to get them to come to them.
This was meant to be a feel good post.

By D. A. (Midwested) on Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 09:36 pm:

So I AM being cancelled. Roger that, LOL.

P.S. Helping to warn others to recognize potential danger can also make a person feel good.

By Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Friday, May 13, 2022 - 03:03 pm:

I'm thinking there was a misunderstanding of the comments as being critical, when they each were just stating their experiences with the critters!

By D. A. (Midwested) on Friday, May 13, 2022 - 09:01 pm:

Roger that Mary, I agree. Staying light hearted as always.
It's a good lesson in trying to not stray too far off topic from the original post.

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