May 21-20

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Looking West from Mt. Arvon    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Chad Johnson
Adder's Tongue    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Chad Johnson
Porcupine    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Chad Johnson
Ravine River Falls    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Chad Johnson
Falls on Ravine River to play video
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Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 06:26 am:

Mt. Arvon is said to be the highest point in Michigan and itís technically right in our ďbackyardĒ, so to speak. It is part of the Huron Mountains, located in Baraga County. Thatís where Chad Johnson, John and Chadís Mom, Denise headed this past week to do some exploring. The trio discovered the beauty there, both big and small.

Big as in the vista you behold from the highest point in Michigan. Chadís first photo is the view looking west from Mt. Arvon, Huron Bay, Point Abbaye, Keweenaw Bay and Keweenaw Peninsula. When youíre at 1,979 feet of elevation, your eyes take in many places beyond.

Small as in Chadís second and third photos, the Adderís Tongue flower and that prickly little fellow, Mr. Porcupine. Iím glad it looks like he had little interest in the explorers or it could have turned into a sticky situation.

Last but not least, Chad snapped a shot of a small falls on the Ravine River, which is on the way up Mt. Arvon. Todayís video is of this same little falls in action. Thanks for the photo and video tour Chad and company!

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 11:08 am:

Nice...I wish I could pull up a chair next to those falls.

By D. A. (Midwested) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 03:42 pm:

Once you get to the base of Mt. Arvon, the drive to the top is pretty easy as it's now all blacktop. It's a bit tricky but still not difficult to find the base to start the climb.

The actual view from the "top" of Mt. Arvon is really just a bunch of trees. You must hike a fair distance through the woods to be able see anything.

View from Mt. Arvon

By D. A. (Midwested) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 08:18 pm:

Chad's photo is truly beautiful. Spring time before "leaf out" provides views that are not available during summer and fall. But still, Chad must have had either a telephoto lens or very high resolution camera to allow for cropping. Here's what the "overlook" more accurately provides:
Mt. Arvon Overlook

By Capt. Paul (Eclogite) on Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 08:28 pm:

I haven't been to Arvon in years, not since geology field camp at Tech as a student and instructor. Although, it sounds like you all have it easy now..... back in my day, we still had to hike, uphill, in both directions!!! ;-)

By Donna (Donna) on Friday, May 22, 2020 - 03:19 pm:

Mt. Arvon is a cool ride~ Fantastic stuff Chad,
John and Dee!~

At the top there is a mailbox with a little booklet
of can sign and date it and if you hit
the tourist info place heading into L'Anse, they'll
give you a certificate saying you've been up
there!! Although, don't know what's happening now?

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 01:45 pm:

I don't believe I've ever been here but what
great pictures.

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