May 20-20

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Keweenaw Rainbow    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by George C. Bailey
Sunset over Lake Superior    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Joy Ziemnick
Traprock Valley Sunset    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Jean Dessellier
The Setting Sun in Bootjack    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Sally Beaudette
Bootjack Sunset Lighting the Sky to play video
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Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 06:59 am:

Usually we save sunset photos for the end of the month memorial page here on the Pasty Cam, but there have been so many beautiful sunsets lately, that we decided to do a middle of the week sunset day, otherwise so many of these beauties would not get shared.

We start off with a beauty of a rainbow, captured in the early evening skies overlooking Lake Superior on the north shore of the Keweenaw. George C. Bailey captured this double rainbow and shares it amid comments from his friends like; stunning, special, magnificent and gorgeous, to name a few. George himself says: “It sure is fun to see these again!”

The various sunsets for today start out with one just beginning, also snapped over Lake Superior, out near Cedar Bay, by Joy Ziemnick. Next week head out to Traprock Valley, just outside Lake Linden for a beauty from Jean Dessellier. Then we wrap up this middle of the week sunset treat with Sally Beaudette sharing what could be called a “double sunset”, since it not only colored the sky, but Portage Lake out in Boojack, too. Stunning!

Then on Sunday, Sally Beaudette one upped herself, with a video of the sunset that evening, to complete this special edition Pasty Cam, filled with colorful skies.

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 10:08 am:

Beauties, eh ?

By D. A. (Midwested) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 03:22 pm:

I agree, beauties.

The UP is "in for it now". I just read in the Mining Journal that you now join the rest of us in "welcoming" the 13 Lined Ground Squirrel.

13 Lined Ground Squirrel

The author leaves out one important habit they have, their great desire to make their homes next to the foundations of our homes. These can be highly destructive.

By Donna (Donna) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 04:05 pm:

Holy WHA!

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 05:03 pm:

13 Lined Ground Squirrel... they look half-rodent & half-snake.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 01:46 pm:

What Donna said!!! Absolutely spectacular!!!

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