The Pasty Cam
December 20 - 26, 1998
Downtown Calumet
Saturday, December 26

Today's Mining Gazette cited Fifth Street in Calumet for winning the ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Award.

(those award winning cobblestones are presently under a layer of crystalline H2O)

Friday, December 25
Merry Christmas!
What a Great Lake!
9:05 am Christmas morning, opening Christmas gifts when suddenly we noticed a ship on the horizon.  Beyond the dunes, past the cedars and birch trees, you can see the ice mounds continuing to grow from the constant pounding of waves.  Very rare to see traffic on the Lake this late in the season, especially on the holiday.  As the Pasty Cam was recording this panorama of the Keweenaw shoreline, the music in the background sang, "I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas day, on Christmas day"
Thursday, December 24

It's a black and white world in the Keweenaw this morning... mainly white.  With a break in the blowing snow, Pasty Cam spots the coated face of the rocks just above the former site of the historic Cliff Mine.

(back in the summer we explored some of the old shafts)

Snow covered Cliffs
Wednesday, December 23

Superior is a churning cauldron with a ghostly steam rising to meet the lake effect snow.  How far will the ice extend this year?

(there are stories of moose walking between Isle Royal and the Keweenaw)

 Tuesday, December 22

While the wind howls outside, the Pasty Cam finds a warm place... another kind of icy action in the arena at the Houghton County Fairgrounds.

(two girls teams in the heat of battle)

Copper Country junior hockey
Mid-morning in the Copper Country
Monday, December 21

Almost 10 a.m. and we're having one of those "horizontal" snowfalls, with windchills of minus 20°.  Along Cliff Drive north of Ahmeek.

(truck, don't fail me now!)

Sunday, December 20

Winding its way across the U.P. from south to north, US 41 is snow covered and slippery... and a beautiful Sunday afternoon drive.

(grooming of the snowmobile trails will get underway this week)

Snow along US 41

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