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June 20 - 26, 1999
Cabin on the Lake
Saturday, June 26

Several folks have asked to see the cabin on 5 Mile Point Road, which was completed last year.

A unique and lovely addition to the Keweenaw, by Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Kershner.

What sight in the Copper Country would you like to see?

Friday, June 25

A little trivia for our regular visitors:  Near which U.P. village is this trail found? (hint: it begins with "W")

...see the big picture for another hint

Many guesses received.  First to answer correctly was Judy McGrath:

The path to knowledge
The Kids at Camp
Thursday, June 24

Jon Soper demonstrates his marshmallow stuffing skills for the Junior's at Gitche Gumee.  Camping season is in full swing in the Keweenaw.

Can you say "chubby bunny" with 18 in your mouth?

According to our logs, Pasty Central recorded it's three millionth hit year-to-date on June 23, 1999

Statistics courtesy of Apache Server Access logs

...real logs courtesy of Tree Stem Creations in Mohawk

Logs from UP north
Oldie but goodie
Wednesday, June 23

A yooper auto show!  These collectors admire each other's wheels... That tallest building on the horizon is D&N Bank in Hancock (spotted before on the Cam)

Tuesday, June 22

Near the mouth of Eagle River, the remains of the old dock where supplies for the miners were delivered 150 years ago...

...and Copper from the Cliff Mines were on outbound shipments

History and beauty of the Keweenaw
Portage Canal Patrol
Monday, June 21
Welcome to Summer

Houghton County's finest do a sweep of the shoreline on both sides of the canal.  Just a little follow-up to the events of the weekend.

...and guess what?  The blackflies seem to be fading away :o)

Sunday, June 20
Happy Father's Day

A world of sights and sounds at the Bridgefest in Houghton and Hancock this weekend.  And lots of food down by the waterfront.

That blue girded structure in the distance is the bridge being fested.

At the Bridgefest
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