The Pasty Cam
Week of June 7 - 13, 1998
Construction Zone
Saturday, June 13
This stretch of US 41 is about to become a four lane highway (a rare sight here in the Keweenaw). 
(Fortunatetly the four lane is only going to run from Calumet to the airport.)
Friday, June 12
In memory of a beautiful tree which grew too close to the power line.
 <--before         after-->
(the former Van Gardner house in Houghton Township)
Thursday, June 11
Big do-in's in the Keweenaw this week.  Not only a wildcat strike (see June 9),  but also a neat new sign at the Airport.
(if you pass along the phone number to any Renaissance Men, tell them the area code is 906)
Houghton County Memorial Airport
US 41 near Copper Harbor
Wednesday, June 10
A lovely stretch of US 41 between Copper Harbor and Delaware.  Feels like driving in a tunnel of trees.
(this section of highway was cited in last fall's Midwest Magazine)
The strike is over
Tuesday, June 9 
The brief work stoppage at Pasty Central ended peacefully today when a number of loyal viewers correctly identified yesterday's mystery photo:  Lake Medora.
(These picketing Pasty Cam-era men were spotted earlier tossing their insta-matics off the Eagle River Bridge)

Pasty Cam wrote: 
Tuesday, June 9:  
We have had more wrong answers on the following picture than any other photo ever appearing here.  The Pasty Cam is on strike until somebody gives the right answer!  :-p
 Monday, June 8
Can you identify this inland lake in the Keweenaw?  It's the second most-requested body of water by our visitors...
(of course, Lake Superior is first... let us know your favorite scene in the Copper Country)
Lake Medora
Our Lady of Peace
Sunday, June 7
Our Lady of Peace in Ahmeek.  After a few sprinkles this morning, the sky has cleared, temps remain cool.
(another beautiful week for the Pasty Cam to hike around the Keweenaw)
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