The Pasty Cam
Week of May 31 - June 6, 1998
Below da bridge (but not trolls)
Saturday, June 6
At today's annual "Walk For Life" in Houghton.  Can you guess where we are standing?  (Hint: The trees are in Hancock.)
(for another point of view, see March 27 Pasty Cam)
Friday, June 5
Pasties are great but we don't mind steak either! John Bramble, chief chef, battles the elements and the charcoal to cook up some tasty treats.  Well done or medium?.
(There is an old Calumet mine in the bushes just over John's shoulder)
John fights the elements and the grill
Aunt Bea, a long way from Miami
Thursday, June 4
Another Pasty Cam doubleview:  looking south we see Aunt Bea (by special request).  And looking north...
...the sign at the end of U.S. 41 (also previously requested by several viewers).  Sunny skies and cool temperatures have returned to the Copper Country.
(not a blackfly to be found!)
Sign at the end of US 41
Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
Wednesday, June 3
What a contrast to the dampness yesterday!  The Pasty Cam-era man and family stopped off for lunch this sunny afternoon at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.
(their web site won the Golden Pasty last fall)
Tuesday, June 2
If you were here right now (6/2/98, 7:32am) on a typical Keweenaw highway, this is the way it would feel.
(sometimes the gloomy days help us appreciate the beauty even more)
A rainy day in the Copper Country
Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center
Monday, June 1
Formerly known as the Calumet Public Hospital, the Medical Center has been greatly expanded in its resources and service.
(their web site wins the Golden Pasty this week)
Houghton County Airport (CMX) 
Sunday, May 31
A well traveled path these days at the Houghton County Memorial Airport.  Students headed home, summer residents arriving.  Some wind and rain this weekend in the Copper Country.
(remember the old days of Republic Airlines?)
...and if you missed the previous week
Week of May 24 - 30, 1998
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