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November 12 - 18, 2023
Saturday, November 18

The Covered Road near Freda - Un-Covered.
Covered Road - uncovered

What a difference a couple weeks make [more...]

Out around Louis Point on Lake Superior [more...]

Friday, November 17

Kayaking in November? Say what?
November Kayaking

Thursday, November 16

A flock of Turkeys visit West Ishpeming
Turkeys in Town

Maybe they were coming for dinner [more...]

Wednesday, November 15

It's a beautiful morning... frost and all.
Another Frosty Morning

By afternoon, it's melted [more...]

Tuesday, November 14

Hancock Steps - snowy and slippery.
Hoar Frost Covering

Hoar frost clinging to the trees [more...]

Frost and snow covered
Ripley [more...]

Monday, November 13

Dreary morning on the Portage Canal.
Dreary morning on the Canal

Sunday, November 12

Getting up in the world, or at least the state of
Michigan. Skanee, near Mt. Arvon, the highest point.

Memory from the Pasty Cam Archives
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