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September 11 - 17, 2022
Saturday, September 17

A beautiful evening on the Portage Canal.
Portage Canal paddling

Views from the water are peaceful & calm [more...]

Friday, September 16

Interesting skies UP North lately.
Interesting Sky

Puffy clouds and glowing sun shining through [more...]

Thursday, September 15

Algoma Conveyor was in town last week.
Salt delivery

Delivering its first load of road salt to Hancock [more...]

Visiting the war memorials in Washington DC [more...]

Wednesday, September 14

U.P. Honor Flight XIX flew out of Escanaba.
Honor Flight XIX

Tuesday, September 13

Dew on spider webs create artful displays.
Spinning webs

Spinning webs in the Keweenaw [more...]

Captured overhead in the Keweenaw. [more...]

Monday, September 12

An atmospheric optical phenomenon called STEVE.

Sunday, September 11

Memories of a Copper Country cruise ship,
along with more 'then and now' photos

Photo from Pasty Cam Archives
Pasty Cam Archives

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