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July 4 - 10, 2021
Saturday, July 10

The Veteran's Memorial sits proudly in Kearsarge.
USS Kearsarge

USS Kearsarge and the EPA Lake Guardian boats [more...]

Plus a complete view of the entire Island [more...]

Friday, July 9

Full five mile span of Mackinac Bridge.
Mackinac Bridge and Island

Thursday, July 8

Keweenaw vacations include water and sun.
Keweenaw vacation

A paddle into the sunset and a bonfire, too [more...]

Cows, goats and tick eating guineafowls [more...]

Wednesday, July 7

Sights you see on U.P. country roads.
On the route

Tuesday, July 6

Summer at the Lake is someplace special.
Lake Superior in the Summer

Superior calms, refreshes and cools folks down [more...]

Weeding work and then fun playing giant yard games [more...]

Monday, July 5

Houghton Waterfront Wind ladies adopted garden.
Gardens and Games

Sunday, July 4
Happy Independence Day

A day of festivities all across the U.P.
like there had never been a pandemic.
Bring back the good old days :)

Photo from the Pasty Cam Archives
Photo from the archives

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