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Sep 1 - 7, 2019
Saturday, September 7

Cloud filled skies mean storms approaching.

Changing clouds along the route from Chassell to Tapiola [more...]

Sunshine is making these flowers turn their heads [more...]

Friday, September 6

Sunflowers in bloom all over UP North.
Sunny Sunflowers

Thursday, September 5

Kayaking spot at Sturgeon River Slough.
Early morning kayak

Twists and turns, trees to go around & early color spotted there [more...]

Folks that head to and from Isle Royale can attest to that [more...]

Wednesday, September 4

Rainbows don't always mean good weather ahead.
The pot of gold

Tuesday, September 3

Checking out a couple of Marquette area falls.
Fall falls

Wild and scenic falls along C.R. 510. Small, but interesting roadside falls [more...]

The skies were lit up all around the U.P. over the weekend [more...]

Monday, September 2

Northern Lights over Copper Harbor.
Lighting the sky

Sunday September 1

This week watch for the announcement of the
'new model year' of Pasty Central pasties :)

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