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March 5 - 11, 2017


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Saturday, March 11

Snow and ice give Fort Wilkins a peaceful look this time of year.

Let's take a winter walk around the grounds (no boots required).

from the Archives

Imagine living here way back when.

Winter Wilkins

Friday, March 10

What do people do during the snowy Keweenaw winter?
Friends, outdoor fun and sports.
Eating out with friends

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This Day

Thursday, March 9

Winter on Lake Superior's shoreline is different from one year to the next.

Sometimes ice, or snow, or sometimes beach sand creations.

Nature's sculpture

Art on the beach... then and now.

Big Lake art

Wednesday, March 8

SnoGo's and dump trucks move snow with ease.
Removing snow in the Copper Country.
SnoGo team

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This Day

Tuesday, March 7

Over the years the Pasty Cam has ridden along with the CopperDog 150

Each year it brings more folks to the Keweenaw to watch and participate.


...and a new crop of four-legged stars


Monday, March 6

Superior's shore can be wild and windy in the winter.
Or quiet and sunny.
Superior shores

This Day


This Day

Sunday, March 5

CopperDog 150 this weekend in the Keweenaw included dogsled rides for the kids...

...and our year #20 look-back at the Pasty Cam finds kids on other snow transportation.

from video

Apparently before helmets were invented
(Don't try this at home)

Ellie's dogsled ride

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