The Pasty Cam
December 25 - 31, 2005
Saturday, December 31
In Memory
Raymond E. Dube
Janet Gamache
Wilfred "Pewee" Gunnari
Betty James
Albert Kariniemi
Mary “Grandma Dodie” Kitchen
Ylonda Viola
Quietly remembering
Room at the Inn
Friday, December 30

Calumet and Laurium house many historical old homes and buildings...

...some for comfort, some which entertain.
Thespian workplace
Thursday, December 29

Winter vacation from school here in the Copper Country, means outdoor fun with family.

And frolicking with friends too!
Fun with Gramps
Cold and wet
Wednesday, December 28

With the recent melt here UP North, falls are flowing, gushing and rushing once again.

Cascading in and around the snow and ice.
Tuesday, December 27

Keeping your belly filled during the winter months in the U.P. isn’t easy (if you're a bird)...

...unless you rely on the backyard feeders.
Chow time
Winter winding
Monday, December 26

Upper Peninsula streams winter just fine, winding, flowing and still running through the snow.

Taking on a shine from the setting sun.
Water glow
Sunday, December 25
Merry Christmas!
A mysterious Shoebox Santa sighting at the corner of Fifth and Oak in downtown Calumet.
More than a half century ago.
He came to town
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