The Pasty Cam
October 23 - 29, 2005
Saturday, October 29

On the western end of the U.P., they greet folks crossing the border with a cylindrical sample.

And a row of brightly burning bushes.
Pet rock
Pet rock
Out in the country
Friday, October 28

About anywhere in the U.P., youíre likely to come across farmsteads built years ago.

Some with sturdy old barns standing proud.
Thursday, October 27

Seasonal residents UP North here, these large birds migrate south for the winter.

Along with another species of crane.
Frequent flyer
Bog thing
Wednesday, October 26

Exploring the fall forests, fields and bogs bring a few strange looking, living objects.

Some decorative and just hanging around.
Tree thing
Tuesday, October 25

A picture of the quickly fading colors here in the U.P. includes a bonus in the frame.

Who is the mystery girl?.
Pasty Cammist
Yellow leaf road
Monday, October 24

The seasons making their subtle change from colorful to monochromatic.

Autumnís end is just around the bend.
Sunday, October 23

US-2 near Iron Mountain back in 1940.  A bit of the road slipped into the Chapin Mine pit.

Shoebox Memory from Betty Catalano.
Dangerous driving
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