The Pasty Cam
August 21 - 27, 2005
Saturday, August 27

Quarts of fresh blueberries representing the rewards of hours of hard work in the sun.

It can be back breaking work.
The Crouch
Yummy pickin's
Friday, August 26

If you’re looking to find a good sunrise or sunset, head to the shores of Lake Superior.

Take a dunk in the chilly waters while you wait for the show
Thursday, August 25

As far east as you can go in Upper Michigan, is an historic landmark still producing electricity today.

Of course its been modernized and automated along the way..
Pretty hay all in a row
Wednesday, August 24

Hay growing season here in the Keweenaw is winding down, after a hot, humid summer.

Make hay while the sun shines!
Tuesday, August 23

UP North we find more than just feathered friends partaking of bird feeder goodies...

...and sometimes get up close and personal.
Stare down
Don't interrupt my dinner!
Hiking Bare
Monday, August 22

Strap on your hiking boots and get ready for a spectacular view of Keweenaw's tip.

Check out the shortcut trail or take the loop.
Hiking Bare
Sunday, August 21

A show of support for the troops this week in 1943, as viewed by the late Bert deVriendt.

Perhaps a part of the Fair parade?
Hup, two, three, four...
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