The Pasty Cam
January 4 - 10, 2004
Saturday, January 10

Flashing lights ding, ding, ding  hobo lunches - - pennies on the tracks - -

Railroad memories abound.
Choo-choo crossing
Icy bay
Friday, January 9

Down south there isn't as much snow, but it's cold enough to freeze the Bay.

Looks like a mini-village out on the ice.
Thursday, January 8

Is the look on her face because she's upset about getting stuck?

Or could there be another reason...
Wish I had a plow :o(
No trespassing!
Wednesday, January 7

Could this be Bambi himself?  Or perhaps his beloved, Faline?

Thumper could be just behind those trees.
Tuesday, January 6

It looks like the cotton is ready for pickin' in the Keweenaw.

And folks say we have a short growing season here...
Keweenaw Kotton
Monday, January 5

Today's picture is a mystery spot... no, not the one at St. Ignace, but somewhere in the U.P...

Hint: The photographer is from Michigamme
Sunday, January 4

This Shoebox Memory shows plowing snow in the Copper Country meant more than just clearing roads.

Look again - - this one's not on the highway
Clear the tracks!
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