The Pasty Cam
January 26 - February 1, 2003
Saturday, February 1

A little winter camping to kick off the new month.  Our snow hut is around here somewhere...

Did you remember to bring the pasties?
Gary and Bryan Howard in the woods
Superior shore
Friday, January 31
In Memory
William Paul DesJardin, Sr.
Doratha Kirkey Furgason
Kenneth Robert Abramson
Paul P. Ekdahl
Crescence Gresnick
William H. Lassila
Darin Christopher McKellar
Honored friends and loved ones.
Thursday, January 30

Jay Fedorocko finds Lily the Beagle up to her ears in a sea of fresh white.

Wonder if she left the keys in the truck?
Photo by Jay Fedorocko
Crowd pleaser
Wednesday, January 29

An outrageous encore to last week's Polar Bear competition, starring Davey Holmbo.

A real contender in the swimsuit competition, too?
Tuesday, January 28

Z-Man takes us inside the Ontonagon Museum for a closeup of the old days.

EXTRA:  A really BIG picture.
Cozy corner
Monday, January 27
Free parking
A couple hundred tons of vehicles on the ice of Lake Superior at Ashland, Wisconsin, watching yesterday's pre-SuperBowl car race. 
notes What is that cracking sound??
Sunday, January 26

On a frigid morning like this in the 1930's, an ice jam at the Soo Locks turned into a traffic jam.

One of Robert Wetton's nautical memories.
Soo-box memory
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