The Pasty Cam
January 28 - February 3, 2001
Saturday, February 3

A snowball firing squad from the early years of last century.  Explore a page from an old photo album in today's notes.

Find more historic Copper Country photos in the new Reflections by Chuck Voelker.
Ready... aim...
In Eagle River
Friday, February 2

Nobody home, at least not until Spring.  Hart's cabin at 

notesGitche Gumee.
Now we're swingin'
Thursday, February 1

The new month arrives with snow showers (what a surprise) and a Pasty Cam walk in the woods with Steve Brimm 

Coming soon:  Brimmages
Snowy coating
In Memory
Wednesday, January 31
In memory
John LeVentis
Ruth Hill
Joshua Keller
Mary Raisanen
Irene Rowe
A tribute to friends now gone.
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Tuesday, January 30

On the way to Houghton or Hancock from the Dollar Bay side, you'll pass this very point.  The Bridge Cam captured some interesting nighttime scenes earlier this month... 

...which you can replay in today's
Cam Notes
Portage Lift bridge
Out for a stroll
Monday, January 29
What is this man doing?  The Yooper version of pin the tail on the donkey?  Or perhaps he's divining for pasties?
Return of the Wild Roof Sledder

Photo by Josh Stone
Sunday, January 28

Another glorious day of U.P. sunshine, which appears to be casting the shadow of a mast on Mackinac Island.... 

Or is it Mackinaw?
Photo by Jon Jacobson
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