The Pasty Cam
March 5 - 11, 2000
Saturday, March 11

We end the week where we began (see Sunday below).  After the warmth earlier in the week, it's now clear and cold across the U.P. but not much new snow.

Is this where they make Tapiola pudding?

Tapiola... slow down (or you'll miss it)
Smile for the Pasty Cam
Friday, March 10

Bob and Sandra Backon have a cup at the Kaleva in Hancock.  Bob is the golf
coach/government teacher at Houghton High School...

...and is seen with a couple of (?)students in the big picture.

Thursday, March 9

A swirling weather pattern today over the whole U.P., much like the churning of the amber waters of the Big Iron River cascading over
Greenwoods Falls...

near Silver City, home-base of  frequent Cam contributor, Dan Urbanski.

Big picture makes great screen saver
The Grey Ghost
Wednesday, March 8

Ever wondered what becomes of retired freighters? The Pasty Cam found out on a quick trip to Escanaba. (At least we know where the pilot house is).

See the rest of the scene on today's big picture

Tuesday, March 7

Record high temps across the U.P today, and the perennial maintenance of the Portage Lift Bridge gets under way.

Over on the other side is a big white house in which resides our bridge cam.  Tune in each day to see the progress

Bridge work begins
Can't find your rowboat?
Monday, March 6

Out at the entry to Lac La Belle, the Pasty Cam spotted this old vessel, with the name "Bete Grise" enscribed on it (see the big picture)

Check out the latest news of that area at "Mendota Musings"

Sunday, March 5

We start a new week with breakfast at the Back Road Cafe, previously known as the Tapiola Diner.

Good name :o)  After all, back roads are what the U.P. is all about.

Back Road Cafe
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