2006 Pasty Fest Poetry Contest Winners

The votes have been counted and the results were announced at the July 1 Pasty Fest in Calumet. Here are the winners of the 2006 Pasty Fest Poetry Contest

#1 by UPMama

The Courtship

Just before that he kissed her,
The fair maid said, “Mister,
I cannot tell a lie.
T’was not me, but my sister,
That made the pasty pie”.

Shining tears in his eye,
“Adieu,” he did sigh,
“I’m off to marry your sister.
Her I will love, but it’s only because
Of her perfect pasty pie.

I care not for the length of her hair
Nor the color of her eyes,
But I’ll tell you, my sweet,
You cannot compete
With your sister’s pasty pie.”

#2 By Davey Holmbo


Oh pasty, oh pasty,
Oh luscious meat pies,

The smell of the onions,
Bring tears to my eyes.

The carrots, the tater, and mmmm-rutabagas
Your taste buds would dance if they only had leggas.

The juicy meat filling and tender flake crust,
A staple for Yoopers, for tourists, a must.

Oh pasty, oh pasty,
You're really quite tasty.

To all of you Trolls,
Don't call it a PAISTY!!!!

#3 Pasty Haiku by Richard A. Fields

The judges particularly liked the Mosquito stanza.

Snow falls on the pane
Pasties warm in the oven
Children smile and wait

Apple blossoms bloom
Pasties raise money for church
The snow has melted

Mosquitos buzz by
The fish did not bite all day
Pasties ease the pain

Autumn leaves fall down
Goblins look up in surprise
At trick or treat pasties

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