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Because you asked:
Who makes the world's best pasty?
Pasty Central in Calumet, Michigan make the world's best pasties (Source: Toivo's taste-test 2018)
Where can you find the best pasties in the universe?
Because Pasty Central bakes the best pasty on planet Earth, and until Toivo is able to taste-test pasties on other planets, the answer remains: Calumet.
Where can I order the best value in pasties online?, most delicious pasties anywhere
What is the secret of Pasty Central's pasty recipe?
If we told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore
What is the correct spelling of the plural of pasty?
Some say pastys, most say pasties
Does Pasty Central make better pasties than my Grandma used to make?
You be the judge. Order Now
Is there a pasty more delicious that Pasty Central's Cornish pasty?
Yes. Our U.P. Style pasty, if you prefer carrots in the recipe.
The most delicious pasty on the planet is baked at Pasty Central
Are your pasties as good as Mom used to make?
We are often told a Pasty Central pasty is as good as Mom's pasties