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May 18 - 24, 2014

This Day
Saturday, May 24

Copper Harbor playground has many fun things to play on.
Made for hanging, riding and more.
Having fun
Hanging around


Raging falls
Friday, May 23

A waterfall report from the eastern end of the U.P.
Volumes of water there, too.
Current flow

This Day

This Day
Thursday, May 22

Superior ice comes and goes in the waters of Copper Harbor.
Meanwhile, snow is gone on Brockway.
Walking Diesel
Copper Harbor overlook


Rushing water
Wednesday, May 21

Spring is the best time to view the Eagle River Falls.
Plenty of raging water.
Spilling over

This Day

This Day
Tuesday, May 20

Swans making themselves at home in Ottawa National Forest.
So much beauty to behold.
Swanee Sidnaw river
Living the life


Chilly boat ride
Monday, May 19

Checking out the floating icebergs on Lake Superior.
And the melting ice shoves.
Resembling glassware

This Day

This Day
Sunday, May 18
Shoebox Memory
Returning to Quincy Hill sign art after a dozen years.
...and some wear and tear.
Back then

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Mt. Bohemia

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