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Pasty.NET - Acceptable Use Policy


Pasty.NET began in 1999 as a dial-in network which was developed in response to the need for a dependable, accessible connection to the Internet from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was eventually expanded to include wireless and DSL connectivity.  Its original use was primarily for corporate members, as a path to access and maintain the domains we host (such as pasty.com, sweetroll.com, etc.) from our network centers at Calumet, Michigan and Marquette, Michigan.  For a fee, individuals may join our membership and make use of this dial-in and broadband service.  By making use of the service, each member agrees to abide by the following Acceptable Use Policy, which is intended to protect our members, our service, and the Internet community from potential abuse.  In addition, members connected wirelessly agree to serve as an extension of Pasty.NET connectivity to their surrounding neighborhood, as an access point for subsequent member connections. (Members may opt out of this provision for a fee.)

The considerations of this policy extend to all forms of connection through Pasty.NET - dial, wireless, and DSL.

Members will be expected to keep all passwords and identifying information securely stored. The passwords to an account allow access to the account and thereby to our network. Each member will be expected to ensure that this Acceptable Use Policy is honored and will be held responsible for any infringement. To download a copy of our Privacy Policy click here

Wireless membership is intended to connect one device to our network.  If that device is a wireless router, additional devices within the household may be connected through it (smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc.).  The service may not be shared to users outside of the immediate building.  The service may not be resold under any circumstances.

Since this service is provided on a best-effort basis, Pasty.NET connections are not intended for mission critical applications such as medical telemetry or credit card processing. Pasty.NET is not responsible for the outcome of attempts to use the service in this manner.

Websites and users outside of our network are not the responsibility of Pasty.NET. This document is subject to change as necessary in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations.

The following is NOT acceptable usage:
File sharing applications - Intense/continuous demand
In order to maintain the integrity and availability of Pasty.NET's broadband service in the U.P., file sharing applications (such as "BitTorrent") are unwelcome uses of this limited resource.  Where detected, such applications will automatically reduce the available bandwidth to the member's connection.

Pasty.NET's ability to serve wireless locations requires the cooperation of its members to avoid overloading the system. At the current time (2013) we are asking remote wireless members to avoid downloading large files wherever possible (movies, operating system service packs, etc) until additional infrastructure can be put in place. (Large operating system service packs are made available on CD to Pasty.NET members.) We are hopeful of achieving increased capacity as a result of our WiMax project in Houghton/Hancock.

Satellite services deal with the problem of overuse by limiting the quantity available to each user. We prefer to ask our members to be self-regulating and cooperate to maintain the usability of the network for everyone, and avoid continuous-bandwidth demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sky Angel, etc.

Dial-in Access
- Multiple simultaneous login attempts to a single dial-in account
- Use of idle-time generators or auto-redialers to maintain a modem connection to the Pasty.NET, simulating a dedicated line.

- Unsolicited mass mailings of any kind - this includes commercial and non-commercial mailings.
- Sending large quantities of email to a single user in an effort to overflow the mailbox of the target.
- Forging message header information to obscure the origination of the message or the senderís identity.
 - Pyramid schemes and chain letters - either creating or participating in them. 
 - Sending harassing email (determined by language, size or frequency) - including sending email to a person that has asked that you do not.

Newsgroups and interactive web discussions
- Posting copyrighted or trademarked software without the authorís or companyís written consent.
- Posting messages which blatantly violate the charter of a specific newsgroup or website. 
- Forging message header information to obscure the posterís identity.

- Scanning Pasty.NET or any attached network in an effort to determine possible vulnerabilities of the target system (port scanning). 
- Engaging in activities that disrupt the network of either Pasty.NET or our members by using excessive
bandwidth, disk space or processor resources. The use of unauthorized range extenders on our wireless
network is expressly prohibited.
- Compiling or storing intrusion programs, sniffers and password crackers.
- Storing or distributing any copyrighted or trademarked software without the authorís written consent.

Web Hosting
Dial-in members may not run web servers over a Pasty.NET modem connection.  Web services on our network only include pasty.net, domain name server, mail server, and newsgroup server.  We provide additional domain hosting service on our co-located server, connected to the Internet through means other than the Pasty.NET network.

Accountability to "up-stream" bandwidth providers
The Internet is a collection of interconnected computer networks, of which Pasty.NET is your starting point as one of our members.  We are connected to a regional provider (or providers), which in turn are connected to even larger providers.  As a network, Pasty.NET has agreed to abide by the Acceptable Use Policies of these "up-stream" providers, and you inherit the same guidelines by becoming a member.  For a summary of  some of these current providers' policies, see 


Charter AUP

Peninsula Fiber Network

Contact Information
For questions about Pasty.NET's Acceptable Use Policy, contact: 

Charlie Hopper, General Manager
Pasty.net, Inc.
58542 Wolverine Street
Calumet, MI  49913

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