Sylvia and space blanket
Volunteer Sylvia Eix prepares the "space blanket" aluminum laminated polyethylene which will surround the insulated bundle of pasties. 
Boxes are prepared and Styrofoam strips are used to "weave" the pasties into a bundle. This provides impact protection and insulation. (The pasties are shipped frozen and slowly defrost enroute to your home.)
Jonathan working hard
Open carefully
When the package arrives, open it on a table and gently turn the box upside down. (Miner's hat and dinner pail not included.)
Turn box over
Allow the bundle to rest on the table. (Feel free to read the Daily Mining Gazette pages which provide additional padding.)
Lift box away
Lift the box away. If dry ice was used, it will have dissipated, even if received next day.
Unwrap styrofoam
The Styrofoam strips will separate and the pasties can be removed. Each is packed in a paper sack inside of a plastic bag.
Remove pasty bags
The inner pasties should be cool to the touch, though they are normally defrosted. Re-heating instructions are enclosed, along with the invoice (or gift note).
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