This page will be dedicated to displaying copies of Calumet and Hecla's News - Views employee paper, first published in late 1942 I believe.  The oldest copy I have is Vol. 1 No. 4 from February, 1943.

Take the time to read all the stories.  Some of the humor is unique to that time period, especially during the War years, and certain things we would find not-so-funny today.
Look at the pictures too because you may recognize your uncle or grandfather.
This is a great way to see, and read, the history and some of the social commentary of the times.
(I'll add more as I update the web site, so check back later.)

Click on a link below to take you to that month.  Follow the arrows within each page to go to another month.

1. February, 1943
2. March, 1943
3. August, 1943
4. May, 1944
5. July, 1944
6. August, 1945
7. September, 1945