Taken July, 2003, these photos shows the reopening of the C&H #17 shaft, located on the Osceola Amygdaloid lode.  This shaft sits at the corner of Calumet Ave and Pine Street.  This job was required to recap the shaft.
The larger image was taken by myself, and the other 3 were sent to me, but I have no record on who sent them.  My apologies.
The Osceola lode lies East of the Calumet Conglomerate lode, whose shafts were all aligned on Mine Street.
C&H had a total of 6 shafts on this lode, starting with #13 on the south opened in 1897, located at the present #13 shaft behind the Holiday station.  Shaft #14 was at MacNaughton's corner leading into Calumet, #15 was at Boone's Lane, #16 was at Church Street and Calumet Ave, and #18 was across the highway from where the new VFW hall is today.

Shafts 16 & 17 were opened in 1899 with #18 opened 1906.  From the sectional view here, you can see that #17 went down about 19 levels.
In 1905, shafts 13, 14 and 16 were fully operational.  Shafts 15 and 17 were idle, and this was probably about the time #17 stopped all work since its hoisting engine was removed and relocated to the new #21 shaft.