Recent Images

I decided to add these photos after discovering a couple of years ago that the Kingston shaft, located between Ahmeek and Copper City, was torn down.  Before too long, for either legal, safety or economic reasons, the other two remaining shafts in Osceola and Centennial may be gone also.  If you have the time to explore these locations, I would recommend it.  Not much has changed since they were shut down by C&H in the late 60s.

This first image shows the Kingston around 1965.  It was similar in design to the Centennial #6 shaft, seen in the lower half of this page.

This set of photos shows the Osceola #13 shaft.  The first from an old postcard from about 1963 and the other photos were taken during the summer of 2002.

The images below are all of the Centennial #6 shaft, also taken during the summer of 2002.

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See the #17 shaft located at Calumet Ave and Pine.