Miner's Strike of 1913-14
By no means can I begin to fully describe, by either words or photographs, the story of the famous strike of 1913-14.  Though there were countless major and minor incidents during that time period, I have decided to briefly explain three of the major stories.

In my opinion, the best reference available on the strike is Arthur Thurner's 1984 publication Rebels on the Range.*  For those who are interested in a complete history of the strike, I highly recommend this book.  I will try to reference as many details as possible from the book in case further research is desired.

Western Federation of Miners
Michigan National Guard
Italian Hall Tragedy

*Thurner, Arthur W., Rebels on the Range, Lake Linden: John H. Forster Press, 1984

For further information on the upcoming film project about the Italian Hall Tragedy and the Woody Guthrie song, please go to this link: http://www.1913massacre.com