In memory of my dad, John, who taught me how to fish Lake Superior. We spent many hours out on "The Lake" in anything from a 14 foot skif to the Kala Moiakka I, a 21 footer.
There have been lots of fish pulled over the side of the Kala Moiakka I. She is a 21 foot Starcraft Islander with a Merc 120.

Bob's Fishing Pictures


LAKE TROUT - Green fish with yellow spots. Deeply forked tail. Fins may have white strip along outer edge.

STEEL HEAD - Very little fork to the tail, spots on both the top and bottom part of the tail. Mouth is white on top and bottom.

Coho - Forked tail, spots ony on the top of the tail if at all. Scales come loose easily. Mouth is black to grey inside and teeth are set into white gums.

Chinook - Forked tail, spots on both the top and bottom of tail. Mouth is black inside and teeth are set into black gums.

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