Karjalan piirakka (Karelian pasties) with eggbutter (munavoi).
A pastry made with rye flour with a rice filling, topped with a mixture of boiled egg and butter and served warm.


Leipäjuustoa (bread cheese), also called "squeeky cheese.
A well-known Finnish-American treat, which has its origins in
north-eastern Finland.


Joulutähtiä (Prune tarts)  A favorite Christmas-time treat
in Finnish and Scandinavian homes.


Piparkakkua (spice cookies) and Lucia pullaa (St. Lucia Day
buns.  Two more traditional Christmas-time treats.


Pannukakkua (Oven pancake).  Also called kropsua.  A
popular Finnish snack in the Copper Country.


A Lucia Day tray, which the eldest daughter, representing
St. Lucia, brings to her parents coffee and treats in bed
(December 13th).


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