Dec 26-02

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Photos from Kathy (Koski) Mayer
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Photos from Kathy (Koski) Mayer

Charlie at Pasty Central on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 09:10 am:

Lots of snowmobiles streaming to the U.P. for these final days of 2002. Last week's shots from Tahquamenon Falls prompted one of our regular Pasty Camwatchers to send these scenes from last winter's trip. They plan to be back again today, probably finding a little less snow.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Let me send a special thank you to all who have contributed toward a new van for the residents at Still Waters. Checking available vehicles, we still have a way to go for enough to purchase one outright. Any donations toward this project are tax deductible, and can be made online at this secure link. Thanks again for the thoughtful support of so many friends.

By jack, idaho on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 12:18 pm:

we had two inches out here in spokane washington today and people are freaking out. i had brought my yooperscooper from calumet and just got done with my drive and a couple were walking by and i heard the husband say to his wife as he looked at my scoop h"look honey, you push that child's sled instead of pull it, aint that neat?" i just kinda chuckled, leaned my "sled" against the porch and went in the house.
(btw, art newman in az. if you read this, email me, subject:pack rat)

By MJN, AZ on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 01:08 pm:

Ahh what I would do to come back for a week of snowmobiling and fishing. I didn't miss the snow much when I first left. Now, when it is 116 outside during the summer, I wish so much to have that feeling as I did just few years before. You know it, ice fishing, the windchill is -15 and the water in your hole actually feels WARM to the touch.

By Mike B, Pittsburgh, wishin I was still in the Yoop on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 03:48 pm:

Hope everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful Christmas. We woke to a beautiful sight Christmas morning. There was no snow at all when we went to bed. Awoke to 5 inches of fresh snow. Wonderful, white christmas.

Happy Holidays, All!

By Doug - Wisconsin on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 05:51 pm:

Would it be worth it to drive from Green Bay to go sledding? No snow anywhere close here (sucks)

By darrell oinas/dewitt mi on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 07:48 pm:

We got seven inches here in Dewitt, we must be doing somthing right, north and south not a flake, must have been a Christmas present from my father who passed away last year in December, whatever, Thanks DAD.

By Summer tourist in WI on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 09:01 pm:

No white Christmas for us in Wisconsin!! Love the web site... I only "wish" that I too was a yooper... Only visited in the summer... and the U.P has a way of casting a marvelous spell upon visitors! Truly enchanting is how I can describe the natural beauty! I am already preparing my kids for our first summer trip.. last trip they were only 1 year and now they are 8... I hope they will be as swept away as I have become! I am not sure if it is "something in the water?" But once the U.P. gets under your skin it sure is hard to shake! Happy Holidays to all! Thank you for your hospitality...

By Ken from da UP on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 10:07 pm:

No snow here yet. My scoop is hanging on da garage wall, just waitin'. Hope we get SOME snow before it gets REALLY cold! Don't the ice and rocks from yesterday's pic look like a couple of walruses?

By Marc, offshore GoM/Tamarack City on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 11:22 pm:

No snow here down here in the GoM...

By ML on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 07:52 am:

"Ken"...I thought the photo looked like some "monster indomitable snowman"....nothing like "Frosty"...Happy New Year

By Curmudgeon, UP on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 08:10 am:

Snowmobiles are noisy and they smell bad. If you really want to get outside and "enjoy nature," snowshoe or cross-country ski.

By Carolyn Spoehr, AZ on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 08:30 am:

We had about 6 inches here in the Grand Canyon,AZ
before Christmas and we have our 12 horse snowblower from when we lived in Copper City and my husband blew our driveway out.

By Karen P, MN on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 08:35 am:

Bravo to Cumudgeon, UP. The second picture says it all. Here in central MN we're walking - no snow.

By Alex in Georgia on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 10:39 am:

If I'm not mistaken, I think I saw ONE flake last night while walking the dog.

By Connie, Colorado on Friday, December 27, 2002 - 12:11 pm:

We have dry roads, dry noses, yellow grass and nothing looking like snow at all in the metro area of Denver. How nice to look west, however, and see the snow-capped mountains. It's not a white christmas, but actually a very colorful christmas here since everyone covers their homes with christmas lights! At night, the place almost looks like Las Vegas! It's still cold, too!

By Chuck, GreenBay,Wi on Monday, December 30, 2002 - 01:14 am:

Just wanted to say thanks to all the kind people working the gas pumps, bars,and convient stores. I can see by this picture that you have to be a patient person. It is unbelievable how friendly and kind all people are from the northern u.p. They make every trip up there enjoyable everytime. Thanks again

By jeff koski...Calumet Mi. on Saturday, January 4, 2003 - 10:39 pm:


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