January 2002

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Janet Mikkola Rosenberg, New York on Sunday, January 27, 2002 - 11:13 am:

Viili was a staple in my childhood home in Toivola and was often eaten with my mother's salted fish and homemade bread (as a child I used to ask my mother "Why can't we have store-bought bread like everyone else?"). The cream that rose to the top of the viili was especially delicious and the longer the stretch from the spoon to the bowl, the better the quality.

Upon returning to my home in New York City after a vacation to see my mother years ago, my luggage was missing. My husband met me at the airport and couldn't understand why I was so upset--it was sure to show up and be delivered to our apartment within a few days. Well, I explained to him why I was so distraught--in my baggage was a small container of viili culture! When my baggage was finally delivered, the culture was dead and I have never had viilia since.

By R Somero CA on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 07:31 pm:

Just had some and there is more growing on the kitchen counter. Good stuff. A Swede friend told me they call it Fillabunk(sp).

By Fred Andrew, Georgia on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 06:12 pm:


When my grandmother Haapanen made viili, she called the
starter "po-ya-pee-ma" (phonetic -- I don't
speak Finish, but I think it translates to
"bottom stuff") My mother (born in Hancock)
used to tell stories
of being sent to the neighbors for po-ya-pee-ma
after she and her sisters ate the last of the

I haven't eaten any in over 40 years, but I can
still remember the taste! Thanks for the memories!

Fred Andrew

By Frank C, NE Illinois on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 10:07 am:

Watson, after a quick search and some false starts, it seems it's name is Viili. Do a search for "Viili starter" on www.google.com and there are a number of links that'll come up.


By Watson, LP-MI on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 01:07 am:

What a wonderful website to visit! We look at the bridge almost every day. Our cousins live all around Houghton/Hancock and we visit every summer, so this is a great way to feel in touch with them.

Can anyone help us locate some starter for vielia? (Pronounced "FEE LEE AH") It's the Finnish answer to yogurt. We will be coming up again next July, and will be looking for some.

We wouldn't miss the 4th of July Parade in South Range for ANYTHING! We've been coming to that for over 25 years. Too bad we couldn't have been there for Heikinpaiva. Maybe next year. :-)

Keep up the great work!

By Glo - Mich. on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 12:13 am:

Hi Ken -- Fenton -
If you tried to answer my above message I think my e-mail address was incorrect. Here is the correct one -- gpslong@msn.com Okay?
I know now that you live in Fenton by seeing another e-mail of yours.
Just last week I got some pasties here near Detroit - at a place called Barb's in Clawson - 610 S. Main. (It's called Barb's Copper Country Kitchen - - - and it is also listed as Barb's Pasties & Pizza). Phone - 435-5250.
So long for now. Glo (previous Fenton resident)

By John C. Heikkila Sturgeon Bay, WI on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 02:21 pm:

I enjoy visiting your website. Having grown up in Stambaugh Township,Iron County, MI, your website always gives me a little cyber-taste of home. Gonna order some pasties soon, too! Have to see how they compare with my Grandmother's, my Mom's, and my English wife's. Keep up the good work. BTW, I also enjoy your wallpaper of the week. Or, is it of the month? (lol) (Yah, eh? Time to change it.)

By Diane, Michigan on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 06:23 am:

I really look forward to seeing what is happening at the bridge. I hope the bridge cam will return. Diane, St. Charles Mi

By Viki; Acworth,GA on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 09:03 pm:

Hi! What's up with the live cam? It was looking good yesterday, but now it looks like a "Ghost in a snowstorm". You guys aren't getting THAT much snow, are ya???

By KJR Everett on Sunday, January 13, 2002 - 03:20 pm:

to Gus&Kathy in Port Angeles,

Yes NO black flies or mosquitoes,& you forgot to

say you don't have to shovel the rain! I'm

formally from the Copper Country and it's a

beautiful place to be from,but after living here

for almost 19 years I have definitely grown web


By Gus & Kathy,Port Angeles,WA on Friday, January 11, 2002 - 09:56 pm:

We are SO happy to be able to get such quality-made, deee-licious, fragrant, flakey-crusted, rutabaga-filled pasties out here at the end of nowhere. Thank you very much to all you folks who cut up all the veggies perfectly into little squares, & to the cooks who finally put it all together, at the Still Waters Assisted Living Community. (We used to come to the U P every summer, & during some of the winters too, when we lived in Wisconsin & we always stayed in Copper Harbor; the U P is a wonderful place in every aspect except for black flies. Out here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, there are no black flies & no mosquitoes! Really, it's true. Most people don't even have screens on their doors or windows.)

By Glo - Michigan on Friday, January 11, 2002 - 02:22 pm:

Hi Ken Fenton = Michigan - Saw your e-mail to Pasty-E-Mail. I've yet to send for the pasties - but, I surely will. I, too, was born in Detroit - my folks came from the U.P. My Uncle John Seppala lived in Dollar Bay and raised his 5 children there. He was known to do haircuts for his friends in his little workshop - they lived next to the big Baptist Church not far off 41. I think one of my cousins may be about your age - maybe a little older. His name is Raymond - he married a girl named Marcella. The other names of my cousins are: Kenneth, Stuart, Robert and Joyce. Only Ken and Ray still live. Is your last name Fenton or do you live in Fenton? I used to live in Fenton for 9 years. Glo

By Ken Fenton - Michigan on Friday, January 11, 2002 - 06:52 am:

Good morning-

I received my first order of pasties yesterday. I'd like to report that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed them. While not quite as good as my mom's or grandma's, they were, indeed, excellent. When I'm in the area I always stop at the Kalava Bakery and get pasties there. The bad news is, I'm not "in the area" very often so Pasty Central is a very good option. I was born here in Detroit, but my mother and grandparents are from Dollar Bay, so as you can imagine I have been eating pasties for a long time (I'm almost 60).

It was only by a stroke of luck (and an article in the Detroit Free Press) that I found out about Pasty Central. You may now, officially, count me among your regular customers... I'll be back.

By J. Regan on Tuesday, January 8, 2002 - 02:05 pm:

Just happened on your web site - and read that the Chippewa restaurant burned down a few years ago!
My mom's cousin used to own the Chippewa Restaurant. Another cousin -owned the adjacent Teepee Motel!
A long time ago, we went to visit our relatives in Chassell and they made 'pasties' for us ~ the first time I ever heard of them! They were GOOD!

By Mike OLeary, Waterford on Monday, January 7, 2002 - 03:46 pm:

Just want to thank you for my father's Christmas present of real pasties this year. They almost made it to 2002 - there are some things that just cannot wait.
My Dad, Philip J O'Leary, is from Ironwood and now lives in Las Vegas. His license plate is
MSU-1 and his wraparound is M-S-Yooper.
According to Dad, we have finally found something to give him that he really wants. He doesn't want the cold or snow - but he loved your pasties.
Thanks again.

By Viki,Acworth,GA on Sunday, January 6, 2002 - 07:04 am:

The pasties are wonderful! Thank you so much! I love the calendars too! The PastyCam one is at my desk at work to remind me why I'm there--To make enough money to move home to the Yoop! (I may have been raised a Troll,but I'll always believe I was a Yooper switched at birth with a Troll baby!) Home is where the heart is!!!
All the best to everyone in the New Year!

By Mary Schei, Florida on Friday, January 4, 2002 - 12:47 pm:

I received my 2002 Calendar and it's hanging in my kitchen in sunny (but cold, we had a windchill in the 20's last night)south Florida to remind me of home. I am planning a reunion with my brothers family this summer in Lake Linden and would like to find a place to rent in Bootjack or around that area. It would be for the week of July 4th, which may be impossible I hear but I'm hoping for the best. If anyone has a place or knows of a place, please let me know. My email address is maryschei@yahoo.com.

By The Hoyers and Grandma's Pasties on Wednesday, January 2, 2002 - 12:11 pm:

Thanks to Daryl for getting out the calendars. Boy, were they a hit! It really makes one homesick for the good old Coppper Country. Happy, happy new year to all the Pastycammers. We've been having some bothersome troubles with a virus, so if someone has tried to e-mail, chances are it was destroyed.

By JAN WISCONSIN on Tuesday, January 1, 2002 - 04:04 pm:


By Charlie at Pasty Central on Tuesday, January 1, 2002 - 08:37 am:

Happy New Year from the staff at Pasty Central, PastyNET, and Still Waters Assisted Living Community in Calumet!

If you haven't yet ordered a colorful new Pasty Cam 2002 calendar, simply go to the pasty order form. It is not necessary to order pasties (unless you're hungry, of course), because the calendars can be mailed seperately. Or save the shipping when included in a pasty-pack.