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In Memory - Eagle Harbor Sunset    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Tricia Oleksy

Charlie at Pasty Central on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 07:55 pm:

We honor the memory of friends and relatives at the end of each month, and today's tribute photo is from Tricia Oleksy, whose own Mom Betty Jean (Piirala) Oleksy (born in Mohawk)passed away this month, November 15.

Nathan Hauring was a lifelong resident of the U.P. His niece Mary Wolter mention that he was born in Ahmeek and resided in Chassell until his passing at age 57 on November 1. He leaves behind Mary's aunt, Corinne, and two young daughters, Nicole and Julie.

Earl Kangas, known by many of our regular viewers, was laid to rest this month, surrounded by a loving family and many friends.

Antoinette Sechan was a resident of Still Waters, and though she wasn't with us long, will be missed by all who knew her.

Earlier in November as we recalled the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Ed Chaput reminded us of Hubbell resident Ransom Cunday, Jr who was on that fateful voyage 25 years ago.

Thanks to all who help us remember.

By Florida on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 08:06 pm:

What a beautiful tribute.

By K.J.R. WA . State on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 11:18 pm:

Would you please add Edwin Makila, our dear friend
and cousin to the memory list,he passed away on
Thanksgiving in Lower Michigan,he will be greatly
missed by family and friends! Thank-you K.R.

By Lucy, Tx on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 12:49 am:

Thanks for telling a little bit about each one who is remembered. It's nice to know something about the individual names.

By Cousin Jack on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 01:08 am:

Thank You Tricia!
This is one of those rare photos which remind all us stubborn play-pretend intellectuals that there must indeed be a GOD doing HIS/HER best to put a pretty face on this strange beautiful sad thing we all ineviteably come to call REALITY...

By Tricia, OH on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 08:22 am:

My mom was born in Mohawk, grew up in the UP, and then lived the rest of her life in Cleveland, where she was loved by my dad Jerry, and all my brothers & sisters, and all who knew her.
My grandparents still live in the UP, and are sad to have lost her.
Without mom, we wouldn't have ever known the Keweenaw and all its beauty.
We will all miss you, mom.

By A son of your card friends on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 10:11 am:

May we also remember another Lake Superior friend who passed away in November, David "Butch" Hulstrom. Butch was a caretaker for 17 years at Little Girls Point in Ironwood. Relatives of Butch still reside at this little "town" on the shores of the big lake. His roots will always be planted there. God bless you Butch, your zest for life has touched us forever!

By kathy, MI on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 12:51 pm:

Thank you for the beautiful picture and memories. Ransom Cundy was a distant cousin of mine although I never got the chance to meet him. I remember well when the Fitz went down and hope we never have to endure another tragedy in its likeness again. Thank you agian for keeping the memories of the UP alive.

By Jerry M. WI. on Friday, December 1, 2000 - 07:53 pm:

I remember Mr. Cundy from when I lived in Hubbell many years ago. We were at Calumet Waterworks park the day the Edmond Fitzgerald sank, Superior was extremely ugly that afternoon. Waves were the largest I have ever seen. I haven't thought of that day for some time.

By dave, co on Saturday, December 2, 2000 - 10:03 pm:

I spent thirty years growing up in the Copper Country, and now live in the Colorado Rockies. The sunsets here are indeed beautiful, but there is nothing to me like the colorburst in the sky above Superior at senset (or sunrise, for that matter!). Thank you so much for the ties to my youth!!!

By Pamela Snell Seigmiller on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 - 10:34 am:

How BEAUTIFUL!! In memory of my father (Earl Snell). My father was a loving father and husband that worked his behind off to support his 6 kids! His memory will always live on! I LOVE YOU DAD!!

By Mary Diedrick Meyer on Sunday, December 17, 2000 - 02:00 pm:

I was born and raised in the Copper Country - Chassell to be exact. My parents, Joe and Blanche Diedrick lived in Chassell until moving nearer to me in 1977. Both are gone now, dad in 1978 and mom in 1984, but memories of my 'home' still beckon me to come to 'God's Country" There is no place on earth quite like it. I still call it "home" though my home has been in the Lansing area since 1947. I invite any old friends who might see this, to email me,

By JULIE-OHIO on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 11:42 pm:


By Brad Hoyt-MI on Saturday, February 9, 2002 - 02:20 pm:

Please add to your list the passing on of our beloved father, Donald Edwin Hoyt. My dad was born in Pontiac, MI, he loved to go boating and hang out with his friends and family. He died on February 7th, in Pontiac, MI where he was born My dad was 85, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him, and especially me. My dad leaves behind his Wife Lois, Greg and Brad, his sons, and 2 duaghter-in-laws, Chris and Julie, and 3 grandchildren, Chase, Adam and Owen. We love you dad, and we already miss you-
Love forever, Brad

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