Oct 17-01

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2001: October: Oct 17-01
Brockway, across Copper Harbor    ...scroll down to share comments
photo by Sharon Smith

Charlie at Pasty Central on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 - 06:58 pm:

Earlier this week we visited the southeast corner of the Keweenaw (Bishop Baraga Shrine), and today we are transported to the northern tip. Sharon Smith points her Pasty Cam across a smooth Copper Harbor to the northern tip of the Brockway ridge. Up there on that hump was where Steve Brimm was standing when he snapped last years Pasty Cam calendar cover.

photo by Steve Brimm
A lovely place any time of year.

Speaking of the calendar, we invite you to browse through the archives over the past year to choose your favorites for use in the 2002 Pasty Cam, which we hope to make available in November. Stay tuned in the next few days, as we will have details on how your choices may be submitted.
Naomi, East Lansing,MI on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 - 07:37 pm:

Charlie I love the idea of a pasty cam calendar...Let me know when they become avalible please!
This picture is beautiful by the way..so are all teh leaves off the trees now in the U.P. or are they still hangin on?

By Ima Yooper on Thursday, October 18, 2001 - 08:23 am:

Some on, some off in Marquette. The maple across the street from me threw off the last of her leaves in the past week and stands naked, but the non-native catalpa next door is still green.

As for U.P. rainbows, I've seen 3 in the past couple of weeks, one of which was a double. Ooooh, aaahhhhh.

By Doug Smith, Wixom on Thursday, October 18, 2001 - 10:29 pm:

It's difficult to choose which pictures to use from the archives.... they're all so good! Can a year have more than 12 months? Maybe make it an 18-month calendar instead :o)

By Donna on Friday, November 9, 2001 - 03:56 pm:

We are vacationing in Copper Harbor next summer - the pictures have us really excited to get there!!

By Just viewed 2001 Wallpapers of the Weeks on Sunday, January 19, 2003 - 05:20 pm:

I find this picture by Sharon Smith to be very beautiful - of course, it is U.P. so how could it be otherwise?!

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