Feb 22-01

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2001: February: Feb 22-01
Dog Sledding in the U.P.    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Steve Brimm
Slipping across the ice.    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Steve Brimm

Steve Brimm somewhere in the U.P. on Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 12:42 pm:

These are UP 200 pics... Frosty dogs are at the Escanaba checkpoint, and the frozen river shot is on the Ford river. Two years ago at this spot, I helped a musher who had dogs go through the ice. Luckily it was in shallow water. I sure miss running dogs when I look at these shots.

By Rose, Channahon IL on Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 03:05 pm:

Steve, the two dogs in the closeup look like they are smiling and enjoying the run as much as their musher! This would be a real neat thing to see!

By Old Timer, Keeweenaw Bay, MI on Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 04:04 pm:

These pictures remind me of my two favorite girls- Pip and Sis. Pip is no longer with us but Sis remains and is a daily joy. Both Siberian Huskies have given us much pleasure and have been great companions.

By Mary Ann, WY on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 12:36 am:

Nice photo of the dogs. We have a race in our area also, and I try to get photos of the dogs, but I must say, your photo is a lot nicer then the ones I seem to get. I enjoy seeing all the photos on this site, as there are times I miss the UP.

By Alice A., Alaska on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 01:05 am:

Pictures like these make us old mushers forget all the shoveling, combing, brushing, toe nail trimming, watering, feeding, vet bills, feed bills, etc., etc., etc., and remember the sensations of running alone through the woods behind an eager team on a cold, crisp day.

Looks like Tim Osmar will take the Yukon Quest in Fairbanks tomorrow morning.

Alice A.

By jkc on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 02:13 pm:

the dogs need booties so their paws don't freeze!!!

By Mary, Niles MI. on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 07:39 pm:

It looks like the dogs hve booties on. Rite? Love everyting you print.

By Temesgen Adumer: Denver C.OI on Monday, March 8, 2004 - 09:39 pm:

I'v always wanted a dog and we were never able to aford one. cool.!!!!!

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