Dec 25-03

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Photo by Olivia Bartlett

Mary Drew at Pasty Central on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 03:20 am:

The beauty of nature, never ceases to amaze me. Natural decorations to adorn our Christmas. Olivia Bartlett and Matt took to snowshoeing on the Tech trails in Houghton, on what looks to be a picture postcard day! The little slip of blue sky is especially eye catching.

From all of us here at Pasty Central... we wish you a Merry Christmas!

By Kevin K. Lodi, CA. on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 03:27 am:

The first posting of the day!
One of the perks of living on the west coast.
May I wish you all a very Happy and safe Holiday.

By Betty, Sun City, AZ on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 03:37 am:

Merry CHRISTmas to all! What a beautiful picture. Only Christ could create something so beautiful. And Olivia you did a great job on taking the picture. Thank you. I am glad you have the snow there tho, and not here in Sun City, AZ. It is pretty to look at only by pictures. :-) Thank you to Charlie and all his 'helpers' who make this site so interesting. Keep up the good work.

By Julie..The Netherlands..formly Michigan on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 04:06 am:

From here in the Netherlands ...Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year... be safe and enjoy the
holidays..thank you so much for all the wonderful
pictures over the last year...they've been
well appericated and enjoyed by many....

By John, Michigan on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 05:03 am:

Merry Christmas to all from under the bridge. Will be enjoying Christmas with a dusting of snow.

By Yooper in Iraq on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 05:16 am:

Way out here in beautiful Balad Airfield Iraq, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. This is my fifth Christmas away from home, but my family understands. Knowing that I have a part in protecting our great country, makes me swell up with pride. Awesome photo, wish I was there.

By Paul, Webberville, MI. ,Troll on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 07:00 am:

Great picture. Merry Christmas to all as we celebrate the birthday of His son. We just received our shipment of pastys, fudgiepastys, cinnamon rolls, Yooper 2004 calendar, Pasty Com 2004 calendar and, "Oh yes" a Heikki Lunta CD with the snow dance song. I have read the warnings about playing it and what might happen. Did I pay attention? No! We played it and this morning we have 2-3 inches of snow with a weather advisory saying we will end up with 3-5" today! I'm a believer now!

By Gliderrider, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 07:09 am:

Merry Christmas to all of you Pasty Cam submitters and photographers. Have a Great Day!

By Patt, Durand, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 08:01 am:

Well gang no more dreaming of a white Christmas eh? At least for most of us here in Michigan. May each and everyone of you who post or just visit this sight have a peace and joy not only during this holiday season but forever more. Also want to thank all who have made this sight possible. You guys are AWESOME!

By Therese, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 08:08 am:

Remember Christmas morning in the movie "The Christmas Story"? When Ralphie and his brother woke to fresh white snow on the trees andhouses? That is what greeted me this morning, here just south of the Big Mac. And as I shoveled a path to get my morning paper, I thanked God for the gift of new eye sight for Mom, who had a cataract removed two days ago and can see color for the first time in who knows how long. I only wish that, just for this morning, the snow was rainbow colored for her. Thank you, Lord, and thank you Dr Trumble!

By Donna on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 08:32 am:

Merry Christmas everyone. And an extra special blessing goes to our troops...wherever they may be...protecting us, and allowing us so many freedoms, including be able to check this daily and to post on it! Happy Holidays all. Love and Light!

By Leslie and family from the Northern Lights Lodge - Cadillac, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 08:41 am:

Merry Christmas!
From the heart: blessings and peace to all...

By Charlotte, IN on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:02 am:

Merry Christmas to all who make this site possible and all who visit. To our troups, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

By Jeff Brookins, Virginia on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:02 am:

Merry Christmas from Norfolk Va. A beautiful picture of a beautiful day, it is pictures like this that help make duty days on board ship a little more tolerable. The best of the season to everyone.

By Charlie Hopper, webmaster, Pasty Central on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:03 am:

Christmas Greetings from Eagle River! Just a few minutes ago when I hopped out of bed, it was déjà vu all over again looking out our window. This scene and caption appeared in 1998 on the Pasty Cam. Today the ship was in the same place, just not as much ice, and the trees a little taller.

From the Archives

Our staff are all enjoying a quiet day at home with their families. Special thanks to the crew on the job at Still Waters, as the care of our residents never takes a holiday. Celebrating our sixth Christmas on the Pasty Cam, special thanks also to Olivia Bartlett who provided today's picture and a wonderful gallery of Copper Country people and places.

On behalf of all of our residents and staff, Merry Christmas from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Pete Wi. on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:28 am:

WOW!!! to both pics and a thanks to Charlie and Olivia. Charlie your right, I used to take care of the telephone office just up the shore from you (about 7 miles as I recall) and i don't believe i've ever seen a boat out this late. Merry Christmas to all from NE Wisconsin.

By Drew, MN in MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:36 am:

Merry Christmas to all from Iron River MI!!!

By Therese Dimet Lansing, Michigan on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 09:53 am:

Merry Christmas to our troops were ever they maybe an god bless them all
Love Therese

By Erin Menominee, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 10:50 am:

Merry Christmas to all.... but one question.... what is next to the person snowshoeing?

By Downstate Dave on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 10:59 am:

Merry Christmas from down under. (Down under the Mackinaw bridge that is!)

By GARY PONTIAC MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 11:06 am:


By Helen, MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 11:08 am:

Merry Christmas to everyone from me by the way of the Ontonagon area!!
I hope everyone has the greastest Christmas ever. And wishing you all a blessed New Year.

By RCW on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 12:01 pm:

Erin, it looks like someone fell down and can't get up.

By Troll in E H on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 12:28 pm:

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Eagle Harbor...Glad to hear you are having a white Christmas down state.
Paul the Webber-troll..keep playing that tune.You just might catch up to our 50+ inches.

By Bob Niederer, Eagle, Wisconsin and Eagle River, Michigan on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 12:37 pm:

Christmas Greetings from Wisconsin to all of you at Pasty Central, and those who visit this website. Thanks for the photo Charlie, makes me feel like I'm standing in your backyard looking over the lake at the real thing. Keep up the good work and Best Wishes to all for a Happy Healthy New Year!

By Lisa, farfrom home in TN on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 01:08 pm:

Merry Christmas to you all waaay up there.
Thanks for the snow, as I didn't have any here in Tenn. Just ain't right.
Blessings of the day to everyone there and everywhere.
Take care and God bless.
Peace on Earth

By F C, Florida on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 01:16 pm:

Merry Christmas from New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Now snow for sure! Would take some just today. Thanks for keeping my spirit in the U.P with your pictures. God Bless!

By Jean, Texas on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 02:18 pm:

Merry Christmas from Abilene Texas....a cool,blustery 60 something degree day in store with no moisture to be under what my hubby affectionately names the "Dyess Dome" of high pressure.

By Fran, N.Ga on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 02:21 pm:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every one- all Pasty Cammers, Stillwaters Residents, and especially Yooper in Iraq.We are blessed to have you Yooper and all of the others bravely srving our country. Our prayers are with you.

Lisa,Tn-no snow here on the Tn border but at least it is cold and not raining!!!

By Barb, in Beautiful Downtown Jacobsville on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 02:23 pm:

A very blessed Christmas to all who are reading this. I
always enjoy lake freighter sightings, and have found a
website that shows who they are and where they are. You
may need to cut and paste this URL if it's too long.

It is sunny right now and beautiful snow all over the
ground. I'm enjoying watching the chicakee (dee, dee,
dee)'s eating up the sunflower seeds I put out for them.
They need a little present too :-)

God bless you all, and to Charlie and the crew ... keep up
the good work!

By Lowell MO on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 03:55 pm:

Merry Christmas from Missouri. No snow here but will enjoy it in your pictures.

By Trish, WA, the evergreen state on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 04:04 pm:

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all from sunny

By mimi on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 04:45 pm:

Hey Barb your website for coastwatch doesn't work.

By Mary Ann, WY on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 04:47 pm:

Merry Christmas from Wyoming. I don't miss a day going to your site to see the beautiful photos. Lot of good memories for me growing up in the UP.

By Gary, CO on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 04:56 pm:

Be sure to add the "sta3.html" portion to the end of the address to get the coastwatch website to work. Merry Christmas all.

By Big John from Big Traverse Bay on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 05:26 pm:

Have a BIG Merry Christmas!

By WALTER P TAMPA FLA. on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 06:34 pm:


By Judy Brown-Kurnik Chesaning MI on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 06:58 pm:

Merry Christmas from the Saginaw Valley! Over 6 inches of heavy wet snow here with roads beginning to freeze this evening.
Great photo with the freighter on the horizon. There are still many freighters working in all the Great Lakes and it has been rumored that the Soo Locks will remain open longer than January 15. The Paul R. Tregurtha, James R. Barker, Arthur M. Anderson and Stewart J. Cort are all listed on the vessel passage site of as being in Lake Superior today.
Have a safe, warm and happy holiday season.

By WALTER P on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 07:38 pm:


By MB and Swede on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 08:07 pm:

Hey Walter P.
We're living in Tampa too and we're from the U.P.
Born and raised in Hancock. E-mail us

By mike & jan in il. on Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 11:46 pm:

merry christmas from central il no snow (thank you from a retired snow plower-32yrs) have enjoyed this site. thank you for the great pictures. i have 50+ yrs. of great memories of summers in the up from crystal falls where my folks first started taking me-since 1951. does anyone remember the old wigwam on lake chicaguon where they held dances and sold treats? then on to the michigamme area with my family in the 70's. we enjoyed the lake and the area. we still enjoy all the western up but seem to frequent the keweenaw area the most-at least twice a year. thank you charlie and mary for letting my wife and i enjoy the beauty of the up thru this site with its pictures and comments 365 days of the year. we try to visit it daily.
we have john dee in our prayers and thoughts. God bless our troops. we WILL be back up to visit our friends in the up. Happy holidays.

By Ken and Mimi from da UP on Friday, December 26, 2003 - 12:17 am:

The coastwatch web site came up for us. Back in '59 we laid up the HENRY R. PLATT Jr. on Dec. 24. They even had a nice Christmas dinner for us before we were done working. In the pic, it looks like someone is having probs with her bindings. A big Thank You! to the Yooper in Iraq and others out there. We do appreciate your sacrifice for us. May GOD continue to bless America!!

By Melodie, Duncan Falls, OH on Friday, December 26, 2003 - 06:44 am:

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Blessed 2004. Thanks to everyone for a great website, for all the wonderful UP pictures and conversation.
- Transplanted Yooper in Ohio

By Brian IN on Monday, December 29, 2003 - 01:12 am:

Pasty keep up this great website!!!! love the pics. Very Inspiring :)

By Michael Monette on Thursday, January 1, 2004 - 12:46 pm:

Merry Christmas from Iraq cant wait to get back to the U.P.

By kim, sarasota, fl on Thursday, January 1, 2004 - 09:50 pm:

it's nice to have a yooper website, especially for my first snowless christmas. found a restaurant with pasties. they had peas in them! terrible! the only pasty is a yooper pasty. i never thought i'd miss the keweenaw! merry christmas from all the transplant yoopers here in sarasota!

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