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Photo From Mike Keranen
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from the Jerry Cobb Collection

Charlie Hopper, in St. Ignace on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 08:59 am:

A couple of miscellaneous Memories from their respective Shoeboxes: The first is an old photo discovered by Mike Keranen, taken somewhere in the Copper Country (probably early last century) entitled, "Grandpa Korby and his stallion". It looks like Grampa has rounded up the band, and a few other hearty souls, to get ready for some kind of celebration (judging from the keg about to be tapped). Not many other clues in the picture. The overcoats (except for the guy who blinked) suggest early spring or late fall. The writing on the bucket says "Swift's…Pure Lard". We welcome any other observations which might shed some light on this photo.

I just had to throw in the second shot, to send a "Happy Birthday" to my wife Edie, shown here with her first set of wheels (back in 195?). We motored down to St. Ignace last evening, in time to watch the Northern Michigan Black Bears pummel a Canadian team from the Soo. Right in the middle of this brawl, a hockey game broke out. After a shortened night (did you turn your clock ahead?) we have awoken to a sunny Sunday morning, on our way over to Mackinac Island. We'll try to get some pictures, and maybe a little video.

Speaking of video and celebrations, have you seen the report on last year's Pasty Fest in Calumet? Main Street Calumet has announced plans for Pasty Fest 2005, to be held on Saturday, July 2. Plan ahead now to join the fun this summer!

Have a good week :o)

By gw-houghton on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 09:06 am:

Happy April 3 everyone!!! Have a great day!!!

By Margaret, Amarillo TX on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 09:18 am:

Mornin', how was cleanin' up after the guys?

By Knit-Wit on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 09:19 am:

Is this a musical band? Where are the instruments? Or is it a band of merry men?

By Mike Diljak on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 09:53 am:

Could that barrel contain Bosch oor perhaps Gilt Edge beer?

By Stuart in Michigan on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 10:12 am:

Thats definitly an old but somewhat interesting picture.

By Yooper Gal on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 10:29 am:

Happy Birthday Edie! Love the car. Looks like feet sticking out from the bottom. Kinda like the Flintstones car hey? Wish we knew who the men in the first photo are--you have to wonder if any of the men in the picture are our yooper grandpas or great-grandpas. Perhaps the "band" members are the guys wearing the matching hats, and the guy in the middle holding the baton is the band conductor..... Anyway, have a grand time at Mackinac Island. Look forward to seeing your photos.

By Steve in Iowa on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 10:29 am:

It must be half a band. I see the boys in officer style hats have instruments and the fellow in the center has a conductor's baton. I'll bet their practices were a lot of fun.
I wonder how you play the bucket.

By M.B., IL-WI-MI on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 10:47 am:

Have you ever noticed that in the old group pictures that it is all men or all women? There were no "co-ed" organizations back then. I see only men and women in pictures in family photos and class pictures. In class pictures, they women tend to be grouped together and the men separate.

Today, I notice that even at get-togethers in larger U.S. cities, rural Wisconsin and in the Keweenaw that men congregate together while the women are in a separate group. Just an observation.....

By jon/mn on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 10:47 am:

I see a drum, French Horn, baton and a few trombones..Looks like a relaxing time for the old gentlemen, quite unlike the hectic life of today..

By Old Timer on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 11:45 am:

The beer keg must be empty. I don't see any mugs or glasses used for drinking. Maybe the guy on the left had most of it with the bucket he is holding. They may be waiting for another delivery of Bosch Beer.

By NKR Mishawaka IN on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 12:01 pm:

Good morning from Mishawaka IN. Good lookin group of men. I wonder how they sounded after drinking the keg. Happy Birthday Edie. I wish I had that little car to give to my almost 3 yr. old grandson, Jack. He'd be outside racing up and down the sidewalks. Have a good day everyone.

By J.S. Calumet on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 12:19 pm:

Sure would like to know more info on the Korby pic. My mother was a Korby, I'm thinking maybe it could be my great-grandfather who was from Bumbletown.

By S. A. from California on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 02:46 pm:

I see 3 slide trombones, a french horn, a tuba and a clarinet. Those brass mouthpieces can get pretty cold!

By Uncle John on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 02:53 pm:

Looks like the gentleman in the front row, second from the left, is about to play "taps". Let 'er rip, eh!

By j A P E i on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 03:15 pm:

By J.S. Calumet on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 12:19 pm:
from Finland for long time there seas behind moved ancestor name KORPI and its turn new form KORBY.. .and a lot its names came from PERHO - link; http://www.perho.com

By Paul in Illinois on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 04:21 pm:

Things were a bit chauvinistic back then. Any woman who would be seen hanging out with the guys would be subject of much gossip. A true "Lady" would not put herself in such a compromising situation. One could be classed with the loose women who might be found in a beerhall!
Likewise, a man seen hanging out with women could be considered a womanizer or .... somewhat less than manly.
Coed events back then within polite society were highly organized so that the chances of scandalous activities were minimized.
A lard bucket or greased bucket was a prefered means to transport beer from a tap. Not sure why, but it was. These fellows are probably in between band practice and the refreshments.

By Becky,SLC Utah on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 05:55 pm:

Happy Birthday mom!!! nice car by the way...how come I never had one like that????
Have a great time at Mackinac Island :)

By Edie Hopper, on more than a 3 hour tour on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 06:22 pm:

Thanks, Beck. But wait a minute... you had a Smurf to ride on ;*>

By Bill P , Ca. on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 06:53 pm:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDIE --- When do we get to see a picture on the golf cart -- you looked great on that too!!!!

By L. K. Farmington Hills, Mi on Sunday, April 3, 2005 - 09:33 pm:

It sure was nice to see a picture of my grandfather after (all) these years. Never really knew him as a child growing up in the U. P.
"Thanks" so much!!

By Mary Lou on Monday, April 4, 2005 - 02:49 pm:

I think the young trombone player on the left..(directly under the horse's head) is my dad, Fredrick A.Studer. There was a group of young men who practiced in my grandmother Studer's barn on Hecla Street, Lake Linden...and they called themselves the "Studer's Shanty Band". He often spoke of playing with the C & H band.....he went off to war in 1917 and played with the Army Band in France with General Pershing...After the war he performed with and often directed the Kenosha, Wisconsin "Police Band". Every Fourth of July when we came "back home" for a visit he would get a group to march in the Lake Linden parade. When he retired to Lake Linden he had "Studer's German Band" for many years and was hired by the Bosch Beer Co. He loved to play that Trombone and was so good....what a great dad!!!! My mother played the piano so there was great music in our house almost every day......lucky me...

By Geri Ylitalo-Zieker on Monday, April 4, 2005 - 05:23 pm:

I wonder if this was one of the early Bosch beer gatherings. the brewery did a lot of this type of stuff with entertainment! Wish my father was around as he remembered dates & everything going way back. Often scolded me for not remembering stuff. (:
Loved seeing the photo. Thanks, Mike

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