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2000: L'Anse Waterfront    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Charlie Hopper
2006: Snow Slide at the Fort    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Michael Musiel
2013: Snow topped shelf    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Melanie Hakala Rossi
2017: Scooping snow with the "girls"    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Judy Byykkonen
Winter dip in the Big Lake to play video
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Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 08:11 am:

All the bare ground I was talking about earlier is gone here in the Copper Country, in case you're wondering. Since Monday, we've had two snow days off school and the snow hasn't stopped, so a white Christmas is what we'll be having, no doubt. Back in the archives we had much of the same in the past 19 years of photos. Beginning with a shot Charlie Hopper took from the L'Anse waterfront back in 2000. Charlie pointed out that the giant anchor is at the gateway to the Keweenaw, on the eastern side of the Bay.

Michael Musiel and company found plenty of snow in the Keweenaw back in 2006. The two in the photo are having a blast at Fort Wilkins State Park playground. There are several advantages to visiting and playing there this times of year... the pleasure of taking pictures without having to swat at any bugs, there's no worry about getting sunburned and when you come down the slide too fast, the snow will cushion your fall!

The third shot had me fooled at first glance. I thought it was perhaps Pictured Rocks or maybe Jacobsville Sandstone cliffs, but upon closer inspection of this 2013 picture from Melanie Hakala Rossi, I realized it was a sandy shelf on the shores at Big Traverse. I love how it shows the many layers of beach sand that have built up and then been washed partially away. It reminds me of the snow banks in the spring, after the snowblower has cut them back and you can see the layers of snow that have accumulated throughout the winter.

Jumping ahead to a current shot here UP North, that's Judy Byykkonen's "girls" out in the snow, keeping her company as she scoops out her driveway from the blast of winter we've been getting here all week. I'm thinking maybe she should figure out a way to harness those "girls" and teach them to pull the snow scoop!

So, yes, winter is here and winter is in the archives, too. But just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to sit indoors for months on end. There's plenty to do out in the snow and even on the shores of Lake Superior. Today's video gives you a look at what one group of girls decided to try in 39 frigid water. Maybe you have to be young and foolish to do this... it's not something I'd ever try and I don't recommend it for anyone else! Watch and you'll see why.

By Gary W. Long (Gary_in_co) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 08:17 am:

Brrrrrrrrr...... and more Brrrrrrrr......

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 08:37 am:

Ouch! Everything about that video screams "PAIN"!!!

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 09:58 am:

Judy's Scottish Terrier is the big dog of the
group. And don't tell a Scottie differently. :)

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 10:00 am:

The 2nd picture looks like so much fun for those

Thanks for the well wishes on the passing of my
mother-in-law. Today marks 9 years since my
dad's passing. It's been a difficult week.

Alex, did your dad just pass away recently? Or
was this a while ago. Sending you well wishes
and deepest sympathy.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 11:42 am:

Thanks Deb, but it was a while ago. He passed away on Christmas morning, Dec. 25, 2003.

By Pat & Glenda (Gormfrog) on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 12:20 pm:

There is some virtue in eagerness, whether its object prove true or false. How utterly dull would be a wholly prudent man,
or tout,
or world!

....Aldo Leopold

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