Jan 08-15

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Barb and the bank    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
Where is the fire hydrant?    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
Can you see it now?    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
Snowed cleared away    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
Pewabic Street    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
Laurium    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Barb Bouwkamp

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 08:35 pm:

Barb Bouwkamp was out on the streets of Laurium again, but this time in the light of day, so she could show us all what it's like to have snowbanks that tower over the top of your head, hide 3 ft. tall fire hydrants and make getting around before the plows come by, a daily challenge in the winter.

That's Barb in front of the snowbank there and you can see that even with her arms stretched up, they're not anywhere near reaching the top of that bank there. And just think…winter has only just begun about 18 days ago, according to the calendar, anyway.

The next three photos show what a challenge it is for the street crews, since not only do they have to keep the roads passable, but they also go along and clean out the snow around the fire hydrants when they get a chance. That way if there's a fire, heaven forbid, the volunteer firefighters will have quick access to the hydrants source of water. Note there is a tall stick with a bright yellow ribbon tied near the top that helps to locate the hydrant when the snow gets so deep it's almost buried.

The two street photos are side streets in Laurium, not the main thoroughfare, so they don't always get plowed as early in the day..or may have been plowed bright and early, but the snow fell all day and covered them in just like they hadn't been plowed at all. Yes indeed, living in snow country here UP North is not for the faint of heart!

By Capt. Paul (Eclogite) on Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 08:38 pm:

Looks like a typical Keweenaw winter to me.
Dang, I wish I was there!!! ;-)

By jbuck (Jbuck) on Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 09:08 pm:

Great photos!

You are so right, Capt Paul!

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 09:29 pm:

Great pictures. I'll take snow any day over frigid
temps. Snow is an annoyance that you can maneuver
around. Freezing chills you to the bone. I hate it!
The snow looks awesome!

By Greta Jones (Urbanescapees) on Friday, January 9, 2015 - 12:49 am:

Nice pics of winter, and I enjoyed many of them, but at this point in my life, I'm now "somewhere sunny and 75" and love it. I'll look at all that solidified liquid in photos, while relaxing on my sailboat. I agree with what Daveofmohawk said on yesterdays post.

By Thomas Baird (Thomas) on Friday, January 9, 2015 - 04:23 am:

Winter's here!

By Shirley Waggoner (Shirlohio) on Friday, January 9, 2015 - 09:20 am:

Have seen snow banks like that in WY and ND ~ that's why I now live in OH!!;>
We had a light dusting last night but now the sun is shining!!
Neat shots, Barb.

By Donna (Donna) on Friday, January 9, 2015 - 10:17 am:


By Kathyrn Laughlin (Kathyl) on Friday, January 9, 2015 - 10:51 am:

DebS, while I'm not a fan of the frgid temps--and they are affecting getting the roads clear, in that the salt isn't melting the snow--the single digit temps don't impact my drive to work the way lots of snow would. We had a few inches overnight.

I would like enough snow to cross-country ski on, we may have enough today here in SE Michigan. And I agree that if you are doing outdoor activities, 20's are much more comfortable.

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