Profile of Lisa R. (Sisugirl)

  • Occupation:  M.S. candidate in biology

  • City:  Jacksonville

  • State/Province:  Florida

  • Personal Quote:  
    Regrets are a waste of time. They are the past crippling you in the present.

  • Age:  42

  • Sex (M/F):  F

  • Hair Color:  Brown

  • Eye Color:  Something grayish-greenish-bluish -- it has moods

  • Pets:  Cat: Phoebe

  • Music Preferences:  Rock, blues, bluegrass, country, music from other lands, unusual stuff

  • Favorite TV show:  Firefly and other Joss Whedon treasures

  • Why I love the UP:  Natural beauty all around. Family roots. Lived there in my teens & early 20s. No place will ever be home to me quite like the UP is.

  • Photo note:  Craig is the love of my life.