Profile of roger ockomon (Rko)

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  • Occupation:  Retired Police Officer

  • City:  North Webster

  • State/Province:  Indiana

  • Country:  USA

  • Personal Quote:  
    That man is richest who's pleasures are the cheapest.
    And one more... As you roll through life....keep your eye on the doughnut and not the hole...<g>

  • Age:  55

  • Sex (M/F):  M

  • Hair Color:  going , going almost gone....

  • Eye Color:  blue

  • Pets:  Itsy Bitsy

  • Music Preferences:  REO Speedwagon

  • Favorite TV show:  UP North ( I hope it airs soon!)

  • Favorite Pastime:  Setting on my deck in the UP staring into my woods daydreaming.

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