Profile of Crystal Brabbs (Moosesarecool)

  • Occupation:  School Kid

  • City:  Marquette

  • State/Province:  Michigan

  • Country:  US of A

  • Personal Quote:  
    Dont whine to me about your achey feet. Work at Fort Wilkins for 3 days as a post laundress then we will dicuss your foot issue.

  • Age:  young enough

  • Sex (M/F):  Female

  • Hair Color:  Brown

  • Eye Color:  Hazel

  • Pets:  Dog, cat, ferrets,rats,fish,bird,snake

  • Music Preferences:  country, classical, and some pop

  • Favorite TV show:  Any CSI, any law & order, and desperate housewifes

  • Camping Prefrences:  YES!!! im hosting with my dad at fort wilkins where i also happen to roleplay